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The Mayans seem a bit... disassembled, I need to list everything out and then streamline it all.

To Do:
Merge villagers, we don't need four different crafters and like five different farmers.
Merge shops, we don't need one shop selling tools, one shop selling weapons, and one shop selling better tools and weapons
Merge buildings, we don't need so many crafter buildings.
Confirm rugs are able to be done as a special decorative item (Samboy says it is do-able!)
3d model the Mayan statue
Redesign the buildings
Finalize the goals, tasks, and item crafting
Release an alpha refresh build for testing

Old stuff

Buildings Refresh


  • mayansmith - Crafting - Home - Shop - mayan_smith (Makes bows, leather armor, stone sword) (Makes Mayan Obsidian Weapons and Tools (How do they get obsidian though?)), mayan_peasantwife
  • mayanbakery - Cooking
  • mayancacaofarm - Farming - Home - mayan_farmer (Farms cocoa, corn, pumpkins, chickens), mayan_peasantwife
  • mayancornfarm - Farm - Home - mayan_farmer, mayan_peasantwife
  • mayangrove - Farm
  • mayanguard - Home - mayan_warrior, mayan_peasantwife
  • mayanhouse - Home - mayan_peasant (Farms cocoa, corn, chickens, trees), mayan_peasantwife
  • mayaninn - Home - mayan_merchant
  • mayanlargepeasanthouse - Home - mayan_peasant, mayan_peasantwife
  • mayanlargepeasanthouse2 - Home - mayan_peasant, mayan_peasantwife
  • mayanlumber - Home - mayan_peasant, mayan_peasantwife
  • mayanmining - Home - mayan_miner (Mine stone and sand, Cook stone and sand), mayan_richwife (adobe brick making)
  • mayanshamangrounds - Home - mayan_shaman (Does prayer sacrifices and performs pujas), mayan_shamanwife
  • mayansheepchickenfarm - Home - Farm - Shop - mayan_farmer, mayan_peasantwife
  • mayancrafter - Crafting - Home - Shop - mayan_crafter, mayan_richwife
  • mayansculptor - Crafting - Home - Shop (or not) - mayan_sculptor, mayan_richwife

Town Halls

  • mayanacropolis - Shop - Home
  • mayanobservatory - Shop - Home
  • mayanpyramid - Shop - Home (Goal inspectconstruction)


  • mayanbigwell
  • mayancistern
  • mayanshrine
  • mayanwell


  • mayanalter - Prayer center
  • mayanballcourt
  • mayanpumpkinpatch - Farming
  • mayancave - Move to Other
  • mayanlibrary - Archives
  • mayanmarket
  • mayantemple
  • mayanwatchtower
  • mayan_calendar (replaced with a smaller mayanpyramid)

Shops Refresh

  • mayansmith
    • sells=bow,stonesword,leatherhelmet,leatherchest,leatherlegs,leatherboots,mayanaxe,mayanpickaxe,mayanhoe,mayanshovel,mayanmace
    • buys=wood,wood_birch,wood_pine,wood_jungle,wood_acacia,wood_darkoak,cobblestone,leather,obsidian
    • deliverto=
  • mayanfarm
    • sells=egg,chickenmeat,chickenmeatcooked,dye_brown,pumpkin,maize
    • buys=maize,dye_brown,pumpkin
    • deliverto=
  • mayanartist
    • sells=stoneaxe,stonepickaxe,stonehoe,stoneshovel
    • buys=wood,wood_birch,wood_pine,wood_jungle,wood_acacia,wood_darkoak,stone,cobblestone,gold,stone,sandstone
    • deliverto=
  • mayantownhall
    • sells=dirtwall,pathdirt,pathslabs,wood,wood_pine,wood_birch,wood_jungle,wood_acacia,wood_darkoak,gold,mayangold,mayanstatue,cobblestone,stone,feather,banner_white,masa,wah,cacauhaa,sikilpah,purse,summoningwand,maypattern,maypattern1,maypattern2,maypattern3,maypattern4
    • buys=wood,wood_pine,wood_birch,wood_jungle,wood_acacia,wood_darkoak,stone,cobblestone,sandstone,wool_white,banner_white,gold,mayangold,mayanstatue
    • buysoptional=bow,mayanmace,stoneSword,leatherHelmet,leatherChest,leatherLegs,leatherBoots,byzantineMace,byzantineHelmet,byzantinePlate,byzantineLegs,byzantineBoots,steelSword,steelHelmet,steelChest,steelLegs,steelBoots,normanBroadsword,normanHelmet,normanplate,normanLegs,normanBoots,yumibow,tachisword,japaneseguardboots,japaneseguardHelmet,japaneseguardLegs,japaneseguardPlate,japaneseblueboots,japanesebluehelmet,japanesebluelegs,japaneseblueplate,japaneseredboots,japaneseredhelmet,japaneseredlegs,japaneseredplate,diamondSword,diamondHelmet,diamondChest,diamondLegs,diamondBoots,obsidian,mayanpickaxe,mayanaxe,mayanshovel,mayanhoe,stonePickaxe,stoneAxe,stoneShovel,stoneHoe,steelPickaxe,steelAxe,steelShovel,steelHoe,normanAxe,normanPickaxe,normanShovel,normanHoe,diamondPickaxe,diamondAxe,diamondShovel,diamondHoe,cacauhaa,sake,winefancy,winebasic,feta,cider,calva,rasgulla,cake,cookie,souvlaki,cooked_mutton,tripes,boudin,maize,wah,masa,chickencurry,vegcurry,ikayaki,udon,bread,beefcooked,porkchopscooked,chickenmeatcooked,fishcooked,egg
    • deliverto=wood,wood_pine,wood_birch,wood_jungle,wood_acacia,wood_darkoak,cobblestone,stone,maize,mayangold,mayanstatue,masa,wah,sandstone,dirtwall,pathdirt,pathgravel,pathgravelslabs,pathochretiles,pathsandstone,pathslabs,banner_white,feather

People Refresh

  • mayan_smith (Makes bows, leather armor, stone weapons and tools, Obsidian Weapons and Tools(buys obsidian here))
  • mayan_crafter (Makes rugs, banners, thatch beds, and regular beds)
  • mayan_sculptor (Makes adobe bricks, plaster, mayan carving, steep stairs, and obsidian flakes (buys obsidian here))
  • mayan_peasantwife (Makes wah, masa, sikilpah, cacauhaa, dirtwall, path blocks, thatch, thatch bed, and Farms corn)
  • mayan_farmer (Farms cocoa, corn, pumpkins, chickens)
  • mayan_peasant (Farms cocoa, corn, chickens, trees)
  • mayan_miner (Mine stone and sand, Cook stone and sand, somehow rarely acquires obsidian, makes steep stairs)
  • mayan_richwife (Now does the adobe bricks and dye collects)

Items and Blocks Refresh

Gold Ornament Small Adobe Bricks (all 16 colors)
Gold Ornament Large Adobe Bricks (all 16 colors)
Gold Ornament Steep Stairs
Wah Cacauhaa
Maize Maize
Masa Masa
Wah Wah
Masa Sikil P'ah
Tools, Weapons
Axe Mayan Axe
Hoe Mayan Hoe
Mace Mayan Mace
Pickaxe Mayan Pickaxe
Shovel Mayan Shovel
Other Items
Mayan Carving Mayan Carving (Redesigned to be a 3d model)
Mayan Carving Thatch Mayan Rug
Mayan Carving Fancy Mayan Rug
Obsidian Flake Obsidian Flake
Buildings Parchment Buildings Parchment
Objects Parchment Objects Parchment
Villagers Parchment Villagers Parchment
Complete Parchment Complete Parchment


  • People have been merged and/or removed:
    • mayan_armysmith and mayan_obsidiancrafter have been merged into mayan_smith
    • mayan_farmer, mayan_chickenfarmer, and mayan_cocoafarmer have been merged into mayan_farmer
    • mayan_peasant and mayan_lumberman have been merged into mayan_peasant
  • Goals have been added, makethatchfromjungle and makethatchbedbyz
  • Buildings have been renamed or changed:
    • mayanarmyforge is now mayansmith
    • mayanalter is now mayanaltar
    • Check on the mayanobsidiancrafter building and the mayanforge building, see which is best for the new mayansmith building, maybe use both
  • mayan_richwife is now in charge of dye collecting and adobe brick making