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Taken from Trello to do

  • Make the sodding spade also cut up ice and snow into bricks (code: @kinniken , Icon : @felinoel )
  • The Hunt
  • Unique bone fishing rod
  • Afuniaqtuq and player village town halls
  • Make kakivak also a fishing rod
  • New polar bear carving
  • Give the old lady additional dialogue
  • Add custom cauldron tags for buildings with cauldrons and change the soup making goals to include the need for a cauldron building
  • Give lone villagers dialogue
  • Creation Quest
  • Millificates

Inuit Beta known issues

  • The Inuits should not need iron or stone, there will be replacement furnaces and cauldrons that are not in the beta, if anything besides furnaces, cauldrons, or the final build of the Tannery needs iron or stone, please inform us
  • Player houses and lonebuildings are not yet complete, expect them soon.
  • The Inuit spear is not yet added
  • All Inuit shops are very much WIP at the moment.
    • i.e. cheffery, woodery, townhall shops