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To do list


  • goal strings.txt
  • path start points fix
  • Change carver_A0 to being a whale bone house
    • give carver building a higher priority
  • Inuit lone buildings and player buildings
    • polar bear cave, sanduits, old lady's friend, etc
    • Lone buildings are designed and done except for the coding of the text files
  • Textures
    • Bear Stew, Meaty Stew, Potato Stew, Treated Animal Hide, Snow Wall, Decorative Blocks, Cooked Clownfish, Cooked Pufferfish, Guardian Meat?, Spear (should a Returning enchant be added eventually?)
  • Make new goals and fix old
    • Crafting goals and cooking goals (Goals cooking bear meat should produce treated hides)
      • Making snow walls, snow bricks, sod planks, gathering dirt, special fishing, cooking all kinds of fish, making carving, making two kinds of hide wall hanging, making tools, making armor, making fur armor, making stews
    • Double check all goals are assigned correctly
  • Give Wife and Husband villagers the construction goal
  • Fix the farming goals for villagers
  • First Tannery upgrade has extra torches wrong, causes torches to fall and building to go dark before new ones are placed - double check torch placement on all buildings
  • Fix the Tannery's weight
    • Or turn up the construction priority of the other buildings. Some of them don't have priority explicitly set, and thus default to priority 1.
  • Make bone block goals, give the fisherman and hunter random chances to find them and give the carver the capability to craft them from four bones
    • Alter fishinuit goal to lessen bone blocks and add otherfish
  • Give lumberman a shop, sell sod planks and Kinn's beds as well as all manner of wood
  • Make chef shop
    • Fix villages' shops


  • Update some Norman buildings
  • Make new quests!
  • Do Millenaire Explained videos
  • Make Norse culture
  • Make dwarf culture
    • Update and improve the Imaginations addon


Millenaire Explained topics

  • Starting gameplay and spawning a village (Minor talk about different cultures)
  • Money and buying things (the wallet too)
  • Quests (We already did Broken Sword, talked about creation quests)
  • Blocks, Dirt Wall, Cross Timber Frame, Plain Timber Frame, and tapestry
  • Norman village types, Agricultural, Artisanal, Religious, Military,
    • Independent, Town, lone (mostly talked about in episode 2, talk more about it later and do a bit on bandits)
  • Village interaction
    • Trading between villages, diplomacy and player involvement, raiding
    • Player Buildings
  • Food, Cider Apple, Cidre, Boudin noir, Calva, Tripes
  • Tools, Weapons, and Armor
  • Amulets

  • Hindi village types, Agricultural, Military, Palace (agricultural and military hamlets) - bricks and brick mould, hindi statue
  • Hindi rice, turmeric, chicken curry, vegetarian curry, resgulla
  • Mayan village types, agricultural, military, religious - obsidian flake, Mayan Axe, Mayan Hoe, Mayan Mace, Mayan Pickaxe, Mayan Shovel
  • Mayan maize masa wah gold ornament mayan carving
  • Japanese village types, agricultural, military, religious, trading - Japanese tools, weapons, and armor
  • Japanese thatch, paper wall, rice, udon
  • Byzantine food (lamb meat too) - Byzantine village types, agricultural, military, religious
  • Byzantine blocks and silk worms, silk, silk clothes, wool clothes
  • Byzantine weapon and armor
  • Inuits

Inuit Millificate trades

Inuit Shaman

Tier Buys Sells
1 bone,boneblock ulu,boneblock
2 wolfmeat_raw,seafood_raw wolfmeat_raw,seafood_raw
3 cauldron,bearmeat_raw cauldron,inuitbearstew,inuitmeatystew
4 inuitcarving,hidehanging,inuittrident inuitcarving,hidehanging,inuittrident,random potion

Inuit Hunter

Tier Buys Sells
1 arrow,woodsword,bow leather,furhelmet,furboots
2 wolfmeat_raw,seafood_raw,bearmeat_raw wolfmeat_raw,seafood_raw,bearmeat_raw,inuitbow,inuittrident
3 inuitbearstew,inuitmeatystew inuitbearstew,inuitmeatystew,furlegs,furplate

Inuit Artisan

Tier Buys Sells
1 snowwall,snowbrick,icebrick bed_straw,sod_spruce,sod_birch,sod_oak,sod_jungle,sod_acacia,sod_dark_oak
2 sod_spruce,sod_birch,sod_oak,sod_jungle,sod_acacia,sod_dark_oak ulu,wolfmeat_cooked,seafood_cooked,bearmeat_cooked
3 wolfmeat_raw,seafood_raw,bearmeat_raw inuitcarving,hidehanging,inuitbow,inuittrident,inuitbearstew,inuitmeatystew,inuitpotatostew
4 furhelmet,furboots,saddle
5 furplate,furlegs

Mayan Millificate trades

Mayan Farmer

Tier Buys Sells
1 maize,chicken_raw maize,cocoabeans
2 chicken_cooked,cocoabeans cocoabeans,masa,bottle of water
3 iron hoe,stone hoe,bottle of water wah,mayanhoe,cacauhaa

Mayan Smith

Tier Buys Sells
1 obsidian,jungle logs,stone obsidian,obsidianshard
2 iron tools,mayan tools,iron ingot mayan axe,mayan shovel,mayancarving,gold ingot
3 iron armor,gold ornament block,gold ingot gold ornament block,mayan pickaxe,mayan mace

Byzantine Millificate trades

Byzantine Smith

Tier Buys Sells
1 leather,charcoal,white wool
2 iron ingot byzhelmet,byzboots
3 iron armor byzmace,byzleggings,byzplate

Byzantine Farmer

Tier Buys Sells
1 milk,grapes,rawlamb grapes,rawlamb
2 iron hoe,vin,cookedlamb vin,feta,cookedlamb
3 souvlaki,malvasiawine

Byzantine Artisan

Tier Buys Sells
1 clay,wool small icon,
2 silk,medium icon byz tile,byz slab,silk
3 byz tile,byz slab wool clothes
4 byz stone slab silk clothes


  • interdiction torches (Inuit CQ item)
  • shulker box-like baskets (Inuit old lady crafting)
  • bedroll (Inuit item)
  • flight
  • gliding
  • satchel
  • item magnet
  • some sort of beacon-like replacement item
  • spyglass/telescope (Mayans)
  • shareable ender chest
  • soulbound enchant
  • fertility icon for animals
  • fertility icon for crops
  • amulet which shows low light levels
  • horse/donkey/llama armor/storage items
  • golden cider apple
  • experience storage
  • mob holding net
  • weapon/tool display stand
  • drying/display rack
  • Silk Touch II

Maybe also do some traveling merchants! Some cultures with a donkey or horse in tow, the Inuits with wolves in tow.

From the Acculturation thread

  • Hindi: Enchanted armor and sword found here, Vishnu maya focus (an item that projects a duplicate of oneself that attracts all mobs away from you), as well as maybe some sort of potion set... but which potions?
  • Mayan: Enchanted Armor, minor Enchanted Swords, poisoning effect blowgun, Xiuhcoatl (lightning weapon)
  • Byzantine: Enchanted Swords, flamethrower (hollowed out blaze rod)
  • Inuit: Taqriaqsuit focus (enderman teleportation), maybe some kind of waystones for teleporting and a special eye of ender-like item for access the waypoints