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Item ID1804
Heals for1 hearts
Usage1 times
Available fromMahal
Mukhiya ka Ghar
Selling Price
This dessert made of fried cheese and sweet syrup is prepared by village women using sugar cane. Purchased by the player, it will restore one heart, and stacks to eight. Eaten by couples in the village, it increases the chances of conceiving a child. No, you can't have any more details.
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4 Rasgulla are created when the village stock of Sugarcane reaches 16, these are usually purchased very quickly by one of the wives. When eaten, 1 Rasgulla will restore a small amount of hunger points, as well as give the player a Speed I effect similar to the effect given when a Potion of Speed is consumed, although the effect does not last as long.

A good way of gaining Rasgulla is to grow your own stock of Sugarcane and add it onto the Sugarcane the villagers grow (as you cannot add it directly into the village stock) then run to the item vendor and wait. The vendor updates in real time so with quick clicking you can buy the Rasgulla as soon as it becomes available.

The player cannot craft Rasgulla as they would with other foods such as Wahs. Only the villagers can make this. There is a quest given sometimes in Norman Villages by random village women, asking the player to help their sick child. Giving the quest giver 1 Rasgulla will complete the quest successfully.

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