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WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

General Questions

My question isn't listed here. What do I need to do?

If your question isn't listed here and you cannot find the answer, then you can do one of the following things:
Ask the question on the Talk/Discussion part of this page.
Ask the question on the Talk page of the user Trancid, he has documented most of the quests on this wiki.
Ask the question on the Millénaire thread on the Minecraft forums.
Any questions asked might be added to this FAQ, but only add such a question to this page directly if you can also provide the answer.

The NPC I need to report to has disappeared

This happens sometimes and can have a lot of causes. The easiest way to solve this is to save and exit your world and log back in. Generally this should spawn back the NPC.

The NPC should have a quest for me, but he doesn't talk to me

If you want to get a new quest from a NPC, make sure that he has a 'quest line' above his head. Quest lines can be recognized by the [ and ] around the text. When you see this, then you can right click the NPC.

Sometimes, in a quest chain, a new quest will not show up straight away. This has to do with the chance a quest has to start. That chance can be anything from 5% per hour to 100% per hour. These hours are in-game, and take roughly 1 minute of real time. For some quests, you will also need to have a specific amount of reputation to activate them. If you are unsure you meet the conditions, try the wiki page for that specific quest.

When a NPC will not talk to you during a quest, for example, the quest says, talk to mister X, but mister X will not talk to you, then double-check if you do need to meet specific requirements, like bringing a certain item. If this isn't the case, or if you have met all the requirements, but the NPC still won't talk to you, try relogging. If that doesn't fix it, then you might want to report it on the bug reports page.

How long is an in-game hour?

In the documentation of most of the quests, times are mentioned. These times are generally in-game hours.

A day in Minecraft takes roughly 20 minutes in real life. This means that an in-game hour will take 50 real life seconds.

Quest Specific

I've been walking for hours and haven't found the Sadhu yet

The Sadhu lives in a huge tree in a forest, but you probably already know this. His tree and him won't spawn though in places where you have been close to before. This means that in an old world, where you might have already traveled a lot, you will need to go far to find an unchunked piece of map. This can easily be thousands, if not tens of thousands blocks.

The best tactic tends to be to keep walking in one specific direction and pay close attention as you walk through the forest biomes. Keep in mind, forests have oak and birch trees. If you are seeing pine trees, then you are in a taiga, which is the wrong biome.

If you are still unlucky or are unsure how far the terrain has already generated before setting off, then you might want to try a map editor and place your location at the edge of the explored terrain and go from there.

Millenaire will let you know if you are close to the Sadhu by displaying a message.

I've been walking for hours and haven't found the Alchemist yet

This question isn't asked that often, because the experience with finding the Sadhu helps here. Basically it is the same deal as the question above this, only this time you will have to find unexplored mountains.

As with the Sadhu, Millenaire will let you know if you are close to the Alchemist by displaying a message.

Help! I've come back from a quest and the Sadhu is missing!

Try relogging, this generally spawns back the NPC.

I'm exploring the <insert biome here>, but I keep running out of space

First of all, make sure you are on the edge of the correct biome and night is almost starting.

To finish this type of quest correctly, you will need to move 50 meters every in-game hour, and still be in the same biome at the end of that hour. This needs to be done for 5 in-game hours in a row.

To maximize the space of your biome, there are two general ways. Either press V and note how far one of the villages is. Then, when you have started exploring, press V regularely and stop when your range has increased or decreased by 50 meters. Wait until a message appears and then repeat it until you are finished with the quest.

If that method doesn't work for you, then try pressing F3 and you will see a bunch of numbers appearing. Somewhere it says x=<long number>; y=<long number>; and z=<long number>;. You need to pay attention to the x= and z=. The part before the dot in that number needs to increase or decrease by 50. If this happens for only one of the numbers then that is perfectly fine. Just make sure it increases by 50, or 60 if you want to play it safe, and then wait until the hour is up and you see a message appear. Repeat this until you are done with the quest.

If none of the above help, then your biome might really be too small. In that case you will have to find a bigger version of it.

I can't find the Adivasi farmers. Are they really that rare?

Short answer: yes. Long answer, it all depends on your luck.

You can find the Adivasi farmers in two ways. If you have already encountered them in a swamp before, then that will do perfectly. If you haven't, then you will have to do the same thing that you did when searching for the Sadhu.

In case of the latter, that is, you need to find a fresh farm, then you will have to travel a long way, through unexplored chunks of map, until you see a building appear in a swamp. This event will not display a message that an Adivasi farm has been spawned, so keep your eyes peeled. Depending on your luck, you need to travel anywhere between 100 meters and tens of thousands of meters. Good luck.

I've been given this special explosive, but it won't go boom. What now?

If this is during the quest 'The Experiment', then you might want to check your Millenaire version. There was a bug with this part in versions 1.10.1 and 1.10.2. This bug is fixed in 1.10.3 and above though, so update your Millenaire and try again.