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Sometimes construction in a village will halt, and the stated reason is "Not enough space." Here are some hints for getting more space:

  • Do not assume the villagers will make space themselves. If you want the village to progress, make the space for them.
  • Water and lava must be covered for that space to be considered usable by the villagers.
  • Blocks that are too high appear brown on the village scroll map. Blocks that the villagers are willing to build on are green. To be considered usable by the village, blocks may not be higher than 7m above sea level. In other words, the block's y-position must be below 69 (Millenaire Villages can grow on superflat worlds so the lower limit is 4 but at that low of a level, basements open into the void). One more way to think of it: if you are standing on a block, and you press f3 and see that your y-coordinate is higher than 71, the block you are standing on is too high.
  • Blocks will also sometimes appear brown and unusable if the slope of a hill is too steep. If you see an area that appears brown on the map, but you know that none of those blocks are too high, try making the area more level.
  • Some buildings have distance requirements. There might be enough space for the building, but it is too far from the required building. For example, the Byzantine wheat field (millenaire\cultures\byzantines\buildings\fields\wheatfield_A.txt) has a requirement `building.closetotag=farm,45`. If the open space is more than 45 blocks away, the field cannot be placed. You can either clear an area closer to the farm, or increase the distance and restart your server. Similarly, the Norman watchtower must be far away from any other buildings tagged with "patrol". This way two watchtowers aren't placed right next to each other.
  • Some buildings, in addition to their size, require additional clear space next to them. For example, the Norman Hotel Particular requires 18x18 space for the build, but also has the tag `building.areatoclear=5` which increases the minimum cleared space to 5 + 18 + 5 = 28x28.
  • One recently found cause (2018) of the error is having torchlights in the ground where the contstruction is taking place, try removing the torchlights from the sites where the constructions can take place or open planes.

If all of the unused land appears green in the map and this message is still appearing, do this:

  • Edit "config-custom.txt" in the .minecraft/millenaire-custom folder and add village_radius=56 to the end of the file (Default is 55, changing it just resets the check, letting the villagers know there is more room. If this needs to be done again, change back to 55.)
  • This is made a little more intuitive/obvious where the area that is acceptable for construction but beyond the radius is marked as light green (large buildings can have parts of their footprints in this area but no buildings' centers/middles can be in this area).

On the condition that you'd rather not do all the work it takes to make all the space appear green on the village scroll map (not that much work with the proper world editing tools), you can follow the advice above, but use a number larger than 56. Most recommended is 70. This will increase the area in which they look to find suitable building locations.