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Millénaire Wiki Frequently Asked Gameplay Questions

Are you having trouble with bugs, or game crashes? Scroll down to the FAQ and Errors Explained below.

Important: This mod updates frequently. Updating may break your villages. Don't get attached if you plan to update.


For common installation problems refer to the Installation FAQ here!

Interactions with other mods:

For known Mod compatibilities check here!

Known Bugs

Bug reports page is located here!

How do I destroy my Village

Warning! This will however eliminate all villages in your world.

There is no item that will automatically destroy your village yet. So you have to do it manually.

Whenever you want to destroy a village do this.

  1. Backup your .minecraft folder.
  2. SERIOUSLY — Backup your .minecraft folder.
  3. Remove the Millénaire folder from minecraft folder and Millénaire zip from mods folder.
  4. Enter the world that has Millénaire in it and check if the chests and signs are removed.
  5. Use MCedit to delete the village. If you do not know how to use that, then manually destroy all the buildings and fill in the holes that are made from building constructions. So that you'll have a clean patch of land without holes.
  6. Find the center block of the land and place a marker so that you can identify where to put a village spawner block.
  7. Use TooManyItems Mod to get yourself a village wand and the block that is needed for the specific village you want.
  8. Use the items. Place the block you picked on the marker you made earlier and use the village wand.
  9. Start again.


Q: How do I get a farmer in my village?

A: Your village will spawn with one. Randomly generated Villages spawns with at least 1 Farmer too.

Q: Will the danger zones stop the villagers from building? And if so what can I do to make them build there? A: just cover it with any material for 6 layers deep and they should build.

Q: How can I occupy houses?

A: You can occupy the player-specific houses purchased from the heads of your village once your reputation is high enough.

Q:How do you get the carpenter to make timber frames? My small house has been waiting for a while.

A: For timber, you require both a carpenter to make it from wood, and a wife to collect wood for him. See below for how to get these people.

Q: How do you get more people in your village!? I don't have a Carpenter!

A. Every night, so long as the bed is not used/waited for a while before use, villagers have a chance to conceive and have a child. This chance is raised by there being cider/calva in their village's tavern/Town Centre. Children grow slowly, or with a faster rate if there is bread present either in their village's bakery or their Town Centre if they have no bakery. Children will eventually grow to teens, who can then occupy empty spaces in buildings. This applies to every and any villager class, not just the carpenter. Make sure your village has enough materials to build new houses for the teens to move into.

Q: The original post on the forums says "Millénaire is compatible with Minecraft 1.6.4 single-player only." I have Minecraft 1.6.6.... is the mod compatible?

A: Yes. Kinniken just failed to update the text that small part of page. As of 26 June 2011, this mod is compatible with the latest version of Minecraft, version 1.6.6. Look at the Version History page for details including compatibility with specific versions of Minecraft.

Q: Minecraft crashes when I right click to trade!

A: You've probably got an out-of-date version of Too Many Items installed. Update Too Many Items, and that should fix it. Or you broke the chest they need to access to trade.

Q: How do I trade with the villagers?

A: To trade, go to one of the locations in question and stand near the chests. If no woman is around one will arrive shortly. Right-click on her to bring up the trade screen.

A: Hold the left shift key while clicking on a trade good in the trade screen to trade 8 items at a time or the left control key to trade 64 items a click.

Q: Can this be used for SMP?

A: No. Maybe in the future.

Q: How Can I Remove My Millénaire Town?

A: Delete all the Millénaire related files that you installed, then you can happily raze the village. Install the Millénaire files again if you want to continue playing the mod. Get yourself a village wand and a specific block (use the latest ToomanyItems mod.) and spawn yourself a village.

Q: Will there ever been an all-English version?

A: No, but you can buy parchments at the Town Hall that provides descriptions of Millénaire villagers, buildings and items and translations of their French names or you can manually go through the files and translate everything,

Q: Why won't the woman in a house do their job?

A: Women only sell things and move resources. If there is no man of the house, nothing will get done there. This means that forges will not have tools, farms will not grow crops, etc.

Q: Why are children not spawning?

A: Most likely, it's because you're sleeping every night, which prevents children from spawning (they can only spawn at night). Otherwise, if none of your houses have a pair of a man and a woman (for instance, if all the husbands die), no children can be created. Extra cider (more than 5) in the tavern will increase odds of spawning children.

Q: My game had a sharp spike in lag. Why?

A: This is due to pathing calculation errors. This can ALWAYS be fixed by leaving the area of the town. The easiest way to do this is to use a program like MC Edit to manually move your character away. Upon return, you will not have the lag.

Q: I am at a location given by pressing 'v', but there is no village here. Why?

A: That's a "ghost" report of the coordinates of a village from a different map you recently played. After about five minutes (one in-game day) it will be cleared.

Q: They are destroying my house! Help!

A: They will tear down things made of Wood blocks, and will build on spot that’s has not been built on by the villagers, Meaning they will destroy anything that you have made within the proximity of the village.

Q: Can I find a village in an existing world?

A: Yes, but only if you go to areas that were not previously generated. If you had explored far, that means going far away. Use a mapping tool to find blank areas.

Q: My construction has been stuck at 100% for a long time. What's wrong?

A: Exit Minecraft and log back in. If the problem persists, make sure you're fully updated. It's not totally clear what forces them to start building, but they usually will, eventually.

Q: I don't see any progress on my upgrade to a fort or the townhall!

A: They are working on a moat (for the fort) or a crypt (for the townhall). They always work from the bottom up, so you won't see it until the end.

Q: Some of my villagers disappeared. Why?

A: This is a major bug that is hard to replicate. If you can give any information on what happened, please do on the thread . Do not break the locked chests in any building you want to keep functioning. This will cause them to stop creating items and sometimes simply move out (tested in 5.4).

Q: It says Unable to find Seller.

A: You logged out last inside a townhall. To solve this problem, leave the townhall, log-out and re-enter.

Q: It says not enough space, what should I do?

A: Are they finished with their previous project?
{C}If yes, exit Minecraft completely and log back in. {C}If they still don't start work after a couple minutes and if there is water near the village, try filling it up to provide space. Do not just cover it.
If "not enough space" is still showing, then do the following:

  1. exit Minecraft.
  2. edit "config.txt" in the millenaire folder and change village_radius to 85.
  3. edit "grosbourg.txt" in the millenaire\cultures\norman\villages folder and change the radius to 85.
  4. edit the hamlet village files in the millenaire\cultures\norman\villages folder and change the radius to 65.
  5. edit the text files in the millenaire\cultures\norman\extra and millenaire\cultures\hindi\extra folders and change the maxDistance to 85.
  6. restart Minecraft.

And if it's still refuses to work, then clear a 50x50 flat space around the townhall.

Q: I can't find military villages and even when I use the wand on an iron block they won’t spawn.

A: Are you sure you got the newest version? If you do, check if you installed it correctly.

Q: Screen fills up with "Error in updateEntity(). Check Millénaire.log." What should I do?

A: First of all, ensure you've got the very latest update. These are often bugs that are fixed in later versions. Next, check if you have destroyed a locked chest. These contain the information about the village and villagers, and should never be destroyed. If you are using the most up to date version of Millénaire and haven't touched a locked chest, CHECK MILLENAIRE.LOG. It can be found in the Millénaire folder with the config.txt file. If the error log doesn't make sense to you, post the unique errors to the Minecraft Forum thread. Do not copy and paste the entire log if it's repeating the same error over and over, as that will hinder help. Always post error reports in [spoiler] and [code] tags, which can be found in the "Other Styles" drop down box. If possible, tell us what you were doing when this error started to occur.

Q: I want to reduce lag but keep my village and keep constructing new/other villages. So how do I remove specific villagers I don't want without deleting the mod?

A: Use McEdit to delete the villager's house. That should get rid of the specific villager. However the villagers will probably just build the building you destroyed back after a while has gone by.

Q: My village is inactive after I updated the mod

A: If you have a village from an older version of the mod and an update says "Not compatible with older villages," your village will no longer function.

Q: My village won't spawn villagers.

Q: My village is frozen. How do I un-freeze it?

A: Villages freeze if you are too far from them. Simply get closer to it, or extend the active radius in "config.txt" and restart.

Q: Teenagers in my village are growing very slow even though I don't sleep in bed at night.

This is most likely several reasons; the teenagers might not have anywhere to move into so they will stay teenagers until new housing is built. Or your village does not have enough bread. A village with 5 or more cider in their tavern will also increase the chance of having children.

Q: When I trade with my animal-product selling villagers, one item is greyed and says "Requirements: Needs Oven". How do I get them this, or when do they build it?

A: Ovens come with upgrades to the building. Continue to supply wood, stone, cobble, etc. at the townhall and allow the villagers to upgrade the building.

Q: What can I do if a building is damaged? The villagers won't rebuild it.

A: Villagers currently do not rebuild buildings. If there are still upgrades to be done that would build over the hole, the villagers will still do that. Otherwise, you will have to replace blocks manually. Note that buildings do not have to be whole for them to function.

Q: How can I stop the place of village by generation a world, if I want to set the villages manually?

A: Change generate_villages in "config.txt" to false and then in-game use ctrl-shift-G before using the village wand.

Q: Why won't the villagers build my house! They even have the resources?

A:They will not build your house when or after they complete all projects, you need to get it before.

Q: What "Village Statuses" are available?

A: Check the Reputation page.

Q: What happens if you kill a "Town leader"?

A: The Town leader will respawn.

Q:My next upgrade needs cross timbers and plain timbers but I have no carpenters. How do I fix this?

A: If there is an upgrade requiring cross and/or plain timber frames, and there is no Charpentier, then it is impossible to continue upgrading the village without inventory hacking. You will need to find another village, start a new world, or wait until the village builds a Maison du charpentier and a teen grows into a Charpentier.

Q: I tried to fix the no carpenter error by making the carpenter's house have a build priority of 999999999999999999... which resulted in an infamous "saving chunks" error if you try to read a parchment. I changed it back and now my village reports having no buildings and is building from scratch. Is this fixable? How?

A. Post the issue to the Minecraft Forum thread. Minecraft Forum Millenaire

'Q:My minecraft crashes every single time I start it now and closes to quickly to copy and paste the error report and it wont save.I have a working mod loader for 1.7.3 along with the 1.7.3 'Millénaire and thats all I have added in. The meta.inf is gone to so I dont know what could be my problem. I heard people with windows 7 having alot of problems with this same thing to.

'A.' CHECK MILLENAIRE.LOG. It can be found in the Millénaire folder with the config.txt file. If the error log doesn't make sense to you, post the unique errors to the Minecraft Forum thread. Do not copy and paste the entire log if it's repeating the same error over and over, as that will hinder help. Always post error reports in [spoiler] and [code] tags, which can be found in the "Other Styles" drop down box. If possible, tell us what you were doing when this error started to occur.

Q: My city has the no construction goal and I have 5 teen and 5 child what can i do??

A: The village is complete. You could add custom buildings or edit the village file to build more or different buildings, otherwise, that village will construct no more and you can buy their resources to build other villages.

Q: How do I get a social status in my village?

A: Reputation is based on amount of deniers passed between you and the village. If you want to quickly become "One of Us" in a new village when you have a ton of money already, buy a few village wands.

Q: The NPC's in my village are frozen in their homes is it because of the weather because im in the village?

Q: When I right click on a sign or villager, it freezes me into it. How do I exit again?

Q: Is it possible to build your own villages(for example, build an exact replica of a town hall and town leader pops up, thus village is established)?

A: No.