Guide tips for creating contents

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When creating new contents for Millenaire there are some things to consider.

Building size

  • Small buildings are easier to place e.g. on rough terrain and inside walls.
  • Bigger buildings have more space for beds and other details.


  • Big buildings with walls makes it harder for the villagers to navigate if there are few openings or gates. One on each side would be perfect but might not be historically correct.
  • Many openings, doors etc in one building can be a problem if the villagers places a path right through it. Use settings to avoid that.

Special blocks

Stuff to place in "A0" (i.e. not added in later upgrades):

  • Main chest (if its still needed)
  • Signs/panels that show Millenaire controlled information.
  • Positions ("pos"), e.g. sleeping pos, stall pos, leisure pos (there are some pos that can be added later)

And these should never be moved later in an upgrade (this can limit the design a bit)

Stuff that can be added in upgrades:

  • More locked chests
  • Mock blocks, e.g. tree spawn, source blocks for mining, gathering and farming

Chests are normally saved as Locked Chest (using the import/export tool). For player buildings change setting before exporting building.

Use normal signs for panels, e.g. in Town halls. They will be exported as panels.

When exporting there might be a message about unknown blocks, this is often incorrect. Try importing again at a different location to check if it worked or not.

Upgrade size

Upgrades that take too long to build for the villagers might be boring.

  • Too many blocks to place?
  • Hard to navigate; builder spends a lot of time navigating instead of placing blocks?


  • Split into smaller upgrades
  • Use sub-buildings
  • Make it easier to navigate

Other things

  • Villages might spawn in different biomes, make sure there is grass/dirt in e.g. sheep pens.
  • Sand and gravel can fall while the villagers build stuff and mess up the ground.
  • Using grass/dirt in the actual building can get ugly if the villagers add a path right through/over it. Use coarse dirt?
  • Make sure the villagers can navigate in and around the building.
  • The village might feel more alive if some of villagers work in a separate building from where they live.
  • It is easier to get things working and balancing production in a village if each villager have a limited number of production and crafting goals.
  • Decoration is best added in the later upgrades
  • Trees can be added in the last upgrade if there is a risk of interfering with the building.