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Some of the cultures in the Millénaire mod are able to craft, trade, and even use unique armor sets. These armor sets are all enchantable but not craftable. The Hindi and Mayan cultures do not currently have unique armor sets.


These can be purchased from Norman armories, or arms merchants in markets and also be found in some abandoned structures and sometimes bandit camps.


Armor Cost Durability Protection
Norman Helmet Norman Helmet N/A 364 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Half.png
Norman Chestplate Norman Chestplate N/A 529 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.png
Norman Leggings Norman Leggings N/A 496 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.png
Norman Boots Norman Boots N/A 430 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Half.png


The Japanese Keiko and ō-Youri armor sets can be purchased from the Tansetsu in a Gunjiteki Mura. The ō-Youri set comes in both a red and blue variety.


Armor Cost Durability Protection
Keiko Helmet Keiko Helmet ML denier argent.png 2 364 MC-Armor-Full.png
Keiko Chestplate Keiko Chestplate ML denier argent.png 4 529 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Half.png
Keiko Leggings Keiko Leggings ML denier argent.png 2 496 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.png
Keiko Boots Keiko Boots ML denier argent.png 1 430 MC-Armor-Half.png
Armor Cost Durability Protection
ō-Youri Helmet ō-Youri Helmet ML denier argent.png 5 166 MC-Armor-Full.png
ō-Youri Chestplate ō-Youri Chestplate ML denier argent.png 15 241 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.png
ō-Youri Leggings ō-Youri Leggings ML denier argent.png 10 266 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Half.png
ō-Youri Boots ō-Youri Boots ML denier argent.png 3 196 MC-Armor-Full.png


The Byzantine armor set is crafted and sold from the Byzantine Forge by the Sideras (blacksmith) in a Chorio Stratiotike.


Armor Cost Durability Protection
Byzantine Helmet Byzantine Helmet ML denier argent.png 8 364 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Half.png
Byzantine Chestplate Byzantine Chestplate ML denier argent.png 16 529 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.png
Byzantine Leggings Byzantine Leggings ML denier argent.png 6 496 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Full.png
Byzantine Boots Byzantine Boots ML denier argent.png 4 430 MC-Armor-Full.pngMC-Armor-Half.png