Zokuto no Bakusha

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Zokuto no Bakusha
(Bandit Fort)
Zokuto no Bakusha
VillagersHito x6
Width53 meters
Length51 meters
Spawn Places:
Extreme Hills
Forest Hills

Bandit Fort[edit]

The Bandit fort is a small settlement of Japanese Bandits. These devious fellows will raid nearby villages and attack the player on sight. They do not trade with the player. By killing all of the bandits, you can unlock all the chests and claim all the treasures they have gained.

The Fort is made up of three main buildings surrounded by a thatch wall, which is replaced by dirt mounds in some areas. All of the bandits gather inside one of the buildings, probably the main building, while another one features a small lookout tower and some paper walls. The last building contains chests and might be sleeping quarters for the bandits.

Paper wall building with a small lookout tower on top.

In the courtyard, there are also two sealed outdoor areas. One of them is a cage made out of iron bars, resembling a prison with an iron door for innocent strangers who are captured by the bandits. The other area seems like an enclosure for cattle, although it is empty.

The prison and the enclosure.


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