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Village Types[edit]

Norman Villages
Village agricole (Agricultural Village)

Village d'artisans (Artisanal Village)

Village ecclésiastique (Ecclesiastic Village)

Village militaire (Military Village)

Bourg autonome (Independent Town)

Seigneurie (lordship (Player controlled))

Gros bourg (Town)

Hindi Villages
Village gaanv (Agricultural Village)

Village qila (Military Village)

Jaagiir (Player controlled)

Village mahal (Palace)

Mayan Villages
Village Milpa (Agricultural Village)

Village Jub'uy (Military Village)

Village Costumbre (Religious Village)

Japanese Villages
Bukkyou Mura (Religious Village)

Gunjiteki Mura (Military Village)

Nouji Mura (Agricultural Village)

Shiyuuchi (Player Controlled Village)

Byzantine Villages
Chorio Stratiotike (Military Village)

Chorio Emporikos (Agricultural Village)

Chorio Orthodoxo (Religious Village)

Archontia (Player Controlled Village)

Note Note: If you wish to guarantee the largest possible village, download a "Tyken's Test World" (Like this)(lowgrass recommended for Norman villages, sand for Hindi). These worlds contain 500x500x100 or so flat area for building (so no "no room" error because of elevation issues). It is also "unchunked" meaning that you can explore it and have a village appear in the premade area. Supplies are in the base in the center/spawn, as you will rarely find supplies inside the 250,000 square foot plot of land. Or you can use a village wand on a giant flat area you carved out yourself. The easiest way to do this is using McEdit simply fill in an ocean with grass. (If you're not so "into" playing on a barren flat world of nothing)

If you need to get in contact with someone regarding village types, please try the Discussion section as your first port of call. If no-one can answer your question there, send an email to the section admin.