Summoning wand

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Summoning Wand
Summoning Wand
Item ID26011
Available fromAbbaye
Hall de la guilde
Mukhiya ka Ghar
Kan Cha'an
K'uhul Jalab
Selling Price
2Denier Or0Denier Argent0Denier

The Summoning wand is used to manually generate villages when used on a block (listed below).

Obsidian  creates a random main village.
Gold (Block)  Allows you to choose the village you wish to spawn.
  • BEWARE: When you use the Summoning Wand buildings can spawn on top of you. This will kill you, so it is highly recommended that you store all of your valuable things in a chest far away before you use the wand. If the blocks that spawn on top of the player are dirt you can still survive. Simply dig down to make room to breathe, then dig up until you're free (preferably replacing the dirt as you go).
  • Another hint is putting a player made block like a cobblestone or a wood plank near the gold/obsidian block, that will cause the center of the town to spawn nearby (not in your position).
  • If the wand is not used on a suitable block, a message will be displayed showing what you can use it on.
  • If nothing happens at all when the wand is used on a block, try moving to an area with more space for the village to spawn.
  • In player owned villages the village wand is used to make new buildings.