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Suggested Changes[edit]

  • Give Alcohol Needed to more lone lumbermen of all the cultures
  • Make Sick Kid/Delivery Needed work with more foods and apply it to all cultures but make sure each culture has different required foods
  • Give Fishing Frenzy to more cultures
  • Give Aspiring Trader more culture-specific requirements and/or rewards and give it to the other cultures
  • Give Broken Sword to other cultures and change it for the other cultures for culture-specific items
  • Make more quests like Confidential Mission for other cultures but more culture-specific
  • Give Find the Eggs to one or two other cultures
  • I like how Frustrated Lumberman wants a tool made from another culture, we could do more with that for the other cultures
  • Give Husband's Lunch to other cultures, same for I Need A Real Meal
  • More cultures could have more lone trader delivery quests like Jewel Delivery
  • Missing Friend should be updated to use healing potion ingredients and it can be copied to other cultures in a similar manner, maybe using different healing potion ingredients or something
  • I like how Stone Needed is written, we ordered something, it isn't here yet, go find what is taking so long, then you go there and they give you the materials to deliver. We could add a few more quests like this to other cultures
  • Thirsty! is just plain enough to be applied to other cultures for other lone building people that aren't necessarily a lumberjack
  • Writing Poems/Letter to Send can be added to other cultures


  • Also time limits need to be more rare, quests should only have a time limit when the task is time sensitive imo