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This is the suggestion page for NPC suggestions, these suggestions could include new NPC's or changes to their AI. Please keep it organized and when you add a suggestion write a small summary in the summary bar when you edit the page. Use Bullet Points.

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NPC suggestions[edit]

  • If build is over 450 blocks, 2 workers would build together. If the build is over 700 blocks 3 workers would help build etc.
  • Villager being able to be spawned by spawn egg (e.g. A Knight & Dame for a Player-controlled village)
  • Would like to see you be able to marry and have children in the village. Ideally you would only be able to take "youths" as a companion (they would immedidately become adults afterwards) or a widow. Addtionally you would have to reach the One of Us status and have a house in order to marry. Would recommended looking at the code for the Minecraft Comes Alive, mod as it does the taking a companion, procreatings, rasing, etc. Though it would probably be kept more simple for this mod, replacing the baby thing with a toddler like how it is with NPCs. As toddler the child could have a follow/stay command and a small inventory (maybe 3x3), while Youths can equip armor/tools/weapons, have a player sized inventory, and fight (males only). This would also be helpful should the village you live in lose all its NPC males. Your sons could grow up and marry the widows and/or your line could re-populate the village. Another thought with this is your wife/husband could also make/take a certain amout of uncraftables, like maybe a stack,half a stack, etc (amount probably depended on item in question) of each and hold it in his/her inventory. Alternatively the husband/wife could probably go make uncraftable food (like sushi) or items at the proper places if you provide the needed materials in his/her inventory (and possible tell him/her too, or enable it via a menu similar to enabling/disabling building upgrades at player control possibly.
    • Please remember that not all players are male. It's weird enough having the NPCs calling me "he" without having a wife with whom I can reproduce through apparent parthenogenesis. I suspect having a way to determine the gender/preferences of the PC would be needed for this to be workable.
    • The MCA mod covers this and the gender problem. It would be nice to see the two mod combined to make ultra-realistic villagers.

[FR]Enlevez l'agression des villageois par les mobs, devoir re-charger la partie chaque nuit n'est pas quelque chose de plaisant.(done)

  • Non-Aggressive villagers option needs to be added so that they do not actively hunt mobs (or at least certain mobs). E.G. Using DivineRPG and the villagers will attack and be killed by the very large strong mobs (which are actually neutral and leave the villagers alone) of that mod (such as cyclops's). This option could be added to the config file.
  • Villagers will die after time and villagers will take there home. That slow the massive cities. Wars with other villages can destroy villages to help with the over sized cities.
  • Village leaders should be able to have kids
  • Make merchants actually walk to the inn of a neighboring town at night, rather than simply teleporting. This opens up the possibility for merchants to be attacked by bandits, possibly causing said merchant to give a quest to kill the bandits.
    • Or like the way the raids are announced, one could get notifications that a merchan caravan is being attacked outside the Village.
  • Add the possibility to have a bride or a wife(according to the culture), by accomplishing a great quest to a village leader, giving you his daughter/son as honor reward (or maybe with her and your consent, i agree) or even to any villager by asking the village leader.

• A way to properly talk to the villagers which could increase or damage your reputation. (Also, as a seperate idea, if the person liked you enough you could turn from neighbours to friends to best friends to lovers, eventually leading to you asking them to marry you and have kids. This could be a great way to add the idea that you are part of the village. If you didn't talk to someone, including your wife/husband in a long time, your relationship would decrease.)

• Either add more text for the mobs (such as every single child saying "I play in the grass" all the time, and nothing else), or a change in the way the coding works for languages so you could add your own text in like the way languages work.

• Be able to hirer a mine to actually mine block for you, what you would do is click hire, and then a GUI would come up asking you where you would like him to mine. Once you type in the first x y and z cowardinats, and then the second x y and z cowardinats, it would then work out the cost for how big the area is. You could also give him a better pickaxe, and if he doesn't have a pickaxe then he it would come up on the chat and he would carry on once he has another one.

• Better AI for miners, as he has been trying to mine the same block now since the start of the game, and he keeps on teleporting up and down the stairs where the block would have been (I've also posted it in the bugs list for more information).

• Maybe one of the lone villages could be a witch or wizard with a hidden enchantment table that isn't accepted inside the village as it is sourcery, and in the chests could be enchanted books.

  • I think they should make it possible for more then 1 villager to work on a house at a time. So on a really big house multiple villagers would be working all at once. Also it would be helpful if 1 villager fetched supplies while the other built. Tell me what you think below.
    • I couldn't agree more! Having several builders could speed up construction/allow several builds to happen at once but at the cost of having people not doing their ACTUAL jobs (A woodcutter could be told to build, instead of cutting down trees). -AB
  • I would like villagers to be more efficient while building. A example is when they are building a big pen out of fences they should go all around the perimeter of the fence rather then go side to side placing one fence each time.
  • In the fort and keep based villages they need guards to actively man the battlements maybe with bows or at least just to do there job and keep watch? maybe add a gui to set certain guards in a village you own to patrol at night or just actively guard because all my villagers go to sleep at night and then mobs are all over in the morning and they kill the villagers. I can see that happening at an abbey or such but my town is a fort with several( unmanned) watchtowers my towns defense in close to 1000 and offense at 800 I don't see why they can't defend themselves from average unmodded mobs? So please in a future update improve the guards. Thank you.
    • I've not seen mobs attacking my villagers, but then again I was playing in creative mode so that might have had an effect. I think what we need is just what you said, more active guards (I would personally behead a guard who let a villager die on his watch). I think we should also have much more frequent raids, whether they be by another town, bandits or random mobs. I've not witnessed any that would really require a proper garrison of soldiers to fend off. Perhaps the raid-size should be affected by the number of capable fighters within? -AB
      • That's a bit harsh but I agree with your for the most part and with the modder's permission i'll add that and give them the credit for what I didn't do ~Anonymous_34
  • I would personally like to see witches (female), sorcerers (male), and witch doctors (either gender). They would not be found in normal cultural villages and could be hunted by religious villages even. Each could be any culture and be in a village of the same cultures (as in villages containing them only and/or possibly bandits) or multiple cultures combined in one village or found with bandits. Witches and sorcerers could be made to look like they are using magic by shooting fireballs like blazes and ghast. Sorcerers may also be able to carry and use wands of negation if they successfully defeated other npc's. Witch doctors could be hostile or passive and found on their own or in a village with other witch doctors or witches and sorcerers. Instead of shooting fireballs witch doctors could throw potions such as the vanilla npc witches. If Passive they could sell potions, splash potions, and brewing equipment and ingredients to the player. All of them would also be able to attack/raid villages or lone structures including bandits and other ones of them. ~Night_Archer365
  • I would like to see, that every culture has his own unique special unit. Like Byzantine Cataphracts (so the horses could be included in the mod), or Indian War Elephants (I know, that would need a new NPC) or Norman Knights.
  • I would like the villagers to be retextured, to define them better, I can't tell there genders apart a lot of the time.
  • Since there are wars and bandits, I suggest fugitives within the village that can be captured, along with a place to hold them (A dungeon or something). Perhaps bounty could be a thing as well, like if you kill or capture a certain person you get an award.
  • Doctors/healers

Debug help: Entity ID[edit]

Minecraft already has the capacity to summon mobs using the /summon command, is it possible to set the ID of various villagers to specific strings so we can summon them if they go missing? Kenji 03 23:59, 12 August 2014 (CEST)