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Note Note: This page, and sub pages are under construction. You can make suggestions but they may be moved.


If you want to make a suggestion for milleniare click on one of the categories below, do not make a suggestion on this page.

This is an 11th century mod so only make suggestions that fit into this era. Use common sense when suggesting ideas as some will ruin the core aspect of the mod and others are just impossible to implement. The modders are not paid. Keep the pages organised and tidy and Do Not make new pages or catagories for your idea.

When you leave an idea leave a small summary of your idea in the summary bar when you edit a page. This is so the modders can easily pin point your suggestion.
Accepted languages are English and French.

The 11th century goes from 1001 AD to 1101 AD. Research your idea first before making a suggestion.

Also check if your idea is already implemented or not in the archives before you make your own suggestion.

  • Core: Gameplay related suggestions.
  • Compatibility: Make this mod more compatible with other mods.
  • Cultures: New cultures or changes to existing ones.
  • Villages: Includes buildings and lone buildings.
  • NPC's: New NPC's or changes to existing ones.
  • Interactions: player to village and village to village interactions.
  • Items: Blocks, tools, weapons, food etc.
  • Other: If your idea doesn't fit in any catagories.

The old suggestions page is now Suggestions original. Do not add suggestions here.