Sadhu Vidya

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Sadhu Vidya
Sadhu Vidya
Found inSadhu's Tree

One man only that I have heard of can help you: Sadhu Vidya, a wise man who helped me in difficult times. I have not seen him in many years, but I know he wanders in the forest, chosing tall and strong trees for shelter. When you meet him, convey to him my thanks for his past wisedom.
A Hindi Queen

The Sadhu[edit]

Sadhus are wandering Hindi monks. The name itself literally translates into 'good man' or 'holy man', but isn't restricted to men only. Living in India and Nepal, they are widely respected for their holiness and wisdom.

Sadhu devote their lives to meditation through the art of yoga to achieve spiritual enlightenment. To do this, they must first have given up the three basics of Hinduism, being kama (fun), artha (wealth) and dharma (doing the right thing).

Sadhu Vidya[edit]

In Millénaire, Sadhu Vidya will guide you through the first chapter of your epic quest to discover the origin of the world and the reason why all of you are there.

To accomplish this task, he will ask you to perform certain tasks which will allow you and him to observe the world in better detail. Through these observations and with divine help, Sadhu Vidya will try to answer the questions that you present him.

True to being a Sadhu, Sadhu Vidya lives in solitude, without any material possessions. He will meditate a lot, sitting in front of his tree in a large, uninhabited forest.