Norman:Maison du charpentier

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Maison du charpentier
(Carpenter's house)
Maison du charpentier
Building found inVillage agricole
Village d'artisans
Village écclesiastique
Village militaire
Bourg autonome
Gros bourg
Width9 meters
Length8 meters

Carpenter's house[edit]

Carpenter's house. Inhabited by a carpenter and his wife.
Bâtiments Normands

In this simple little house, the skilful Carpenter crafts Norman timber frames. This is usually the villages' only supply for timber frames, which are necessary for most later building upgrades, giving the Carpenter's house an important function.
- Added in Patch .9, along with the Carpenter and timber frames.


CobblestoneWood (any)Oak WoodGlass BlockWoolPlain Timber FrameCross Timber Frame
Upgrade 1603
Upgrade 26827
Upgrade 326