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Gros bourg
Gros bourg
Spawn Block Gold (Block).png
Spawn Rate30%
HamletsAgricultural Hamlet
Ecclesiastic Hamlet
Industrious Hamlet
Town Radius55 meters
Town Namesle-bourg (Default)
les-collines (hill)
la-montagne (mountain)
le-désert (desert)
la-fôret (forest)
le-volcan (lava)
le-lac (lake)
l'océan (ocean)
Spawn PlacesPlains
Spawn Places
Extra Biomes mod
Autumn Woods
Green Hills
Forested Hills


Gros Bourgs host only "advanced" buildings. They however start with an inn and a merchant.

  • They depend entirely on their hamlets for agricultural and construction goods.
  • They can have up to three hamlets surrounding them (depending on space available)
  • The new gros bourg/hamlets system allows the player to have all the buildings within the "active" radius, at a reduced lag cost since all four villages are smaller than normal, and the CPU-intensive lumbermen are only present in a hamlet

They can be generated by using the Village Wand on a Gold Block, and are more common than other types.

Note: A sample Grous Bourg was successfully placed on a 110x130 Flat land. A possible minimum area might be at least 60x60 to spawn the Town Fort and an actual 105x105 of mostly flat land for the whole village.

Awesome/Ironic note: As of Minecraft v1.8.1, the seed Forever Alone spawns the player within 200 meters of a Gros Bourg w/ three hamlets.

Starting Buildings
Centre: Fortress
Priority Buildings
Secondary Buildings
Buildings Not to be built
Player Buildings