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Building found inVillage d'artisans
Village militaire
Bourg autonome
Gros bourg
Width11 meters
Length6 meters
Norman AxeNorman HoeNorman PickaxeNorman Shovel      
10ML denier argent.png 8192Rep
10ML denier argent.png 8192Rep
10ML denier argent.png 8192Rep
10ML denier argent.png 8192Rep
Smithy. When inhabited by a smith, serves as production centre for Norman tools, used by other villagers and purchasable by the player.
Bâtiments Normands
A Forge. You can see the Smith partly to the left of the picture.


The forge is an ideal building in a village because it is the home to the Smith. The Smith makes Norman tools such as, the Norman Axe, Norman Pickaxe, Norman Hoe and Norman Shovel. The axe, the pickaxe and the shovel have the speed equivalent of gold tools and durability of iron tools. The hoe has the durability of the diamond hoe and is basically equivalent to it. To craft tools, a smith has to live in the forge, the player must have sold iron to the Town Hall, and the smith must be married so that his wife can bring the iron from the Town Hall to the forge. It takes up a space of 10x15.

  • Each tool takes exactly one iron ingot to craft.


CobblestoneWood (any)Glass BlockWoolIron Ingot
Upgrade 126