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Denier Argent
Denier Argent
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Denier Or
Denier Or
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Medieval currency used by the villagers. Comes in three values: normal, argent (silver) worth 64 regular ones, and or (gold) worth 64 silver ones.
Objets normands
The three types of Deniers: Regular, Argent and Or


The denier is the basic unit of currency in Millénaire, and is exchanged in every situation of trade. Denier are represented as a d on the trading screens.

Denier stack up to 64, upon which they become a Denier Argent, represented as an a, and in turn, 64 Denier Argents translate into a Denier Or, represented as an o and is the highest unit of currency.

If you have multiple stacks of 64 Denier or Denier Argent, place them in your inventory and make another trade with the villagers. All your stacks will be automatically upgraded to the next highest tier of denier.

Denier Denier Argent Denier Or
Denier 1 64 4096
Denier Argent 64 -1 1 64
Denier Or 4096 -1 64 -1 1