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Biomes spawned in Forest, Plains, River
This culture was produced by Kinniken
Introduced in Version 0.1
Present day French

Millénaire's original Culture, the Normans are also the biggest in term of content. They are based on 11th-century Norman villages on the coast of France, and speak French. They have villages centered on forts, manors, abbeys and guild houses. They produce different food, like bread, cider, calva, boudin and tripes. Their most useful speciality however is probably their excellent Norman tools available from the forge, the Norman Broadsword and the Norman armour from the armoury.

Their advanced buildings are often built of timber frame, a block made by a carpenter. Finally, their villages can build a market, where foreign merchants will sell rare goods, such as the Viking Merchant's amulets. This culture has dialogue for the villagers to speak when they aren't busy.

Added informations on the villagers, buildings and trade goods of this culture is available in the Encyclopedia.


Village Type
Village agricole Agricultural Village
Village d'artisans Artisanal Village
Village ecclésiastique Religious Village
Village militaire Military Village
Bourg autonome Independent Town
Seigneurie Player Controlled Village
Gros bourg Town
  • (Agricultural Hamlet)
  • (Religious Hamlet)
  • (Industrious Hamlet)

Lone Structures[edit]

Name Norman
Lone Abbey Abbaye Isolée
Lone Lumberman's hut Hutte de Bûcheron
Lone Mill Meunier solitaire
Lone Mine Mine Solitaire
Lone Inn Auberge Isolée
Ruined Farm Ferme en ruine
Abandoned Mill Moulin Abandonné
Abandoned Mine Mine Abandonné
Abandoned Tower Tour Abandonné
Bandit Lair Repère de Bandits
Bandit Tower Tour de Bandits
Bandit Fort Château de Félon

Items and Blocks Contributed[edit]

Dirt Wall Dirt Wall
Cross timber frame Cross Timber Frame
Plain timber frame Plain Timber Frame
Cider Apple Cider Apple
Boudin noir Boudin noir
Cider Cider
Calva Calva
Tripes Tripes
Tools, Weapons, and Armor
Axe Norman Axe
Hoe Norman Hoe
Pickaxe Norman Pickaxe
Shovel Norman Shovel
Broadsword Norman Broadsword
Helmet Norman Helmet
Chestplate Norman Chestplate
Leggings Norman Leggings
Boots Norman Boots
Other Items
Norman Tapestry Norman Tapestry
Norman Buildings Norman Buildings
Objets normands Norman Objects
Villageois normands Norman Villagers
Parchemin complet Complete Norman Parchment
Amulet of Yddrasil Amulet of Yddrasil
Amulet of the Sköll and Hati Amulet of the Sköll and Hati
Amulet of the Alchemist Amulet of the Alchemist