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Item ID1814
Restores6 (MC fullHunger.pngMC fullHunger.pngMC fullHunger.png)
Usage5 times
Available fromKan Cha'an
K'uhul Jalab
Nuunjul We'matz
The Mayan tortilla was made from specially treated (nixtamalized) maize flour, which has been a staple food of the Mayan region since pre-Columbian times. The maize tortilla is somewhat thicker and heartier in texture than it's modern day counterpart. The Mayans will make these tortillas by grinding three Maize cobs together in a straight flat line. If you are to obtain maize yourself you would be able to create the Masa for yourself.
Objects Parchment

Masa can be made by placing 3 Maize side by side in a line in a crafting table.


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