Mayan:Maize Makan

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Maize Makan
(Corn Farm)
Building found inVillage Costumbre
Village Jub'uy
Village Milpa
Width(A 18) (B 17) (C 10) meters
Length(A 12) (B 14) (C 10) meters

Corn Farm[edit]

Corn Farm. Corn, being the staple of the Mayan civilization, was planted all around the Mayan villages. Some cities grew into the tens of thousands of occupants, therefore very large amounts of corn had to be grown.
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Variation AStoneCobblestoneWood (any)Oak Wood
Upgrade 1102
Upgrade 2173
Upgrade 382180
Upgrade 4187
Upgrade 5134
Variation BStoneCobblestoneWood (any)Oak WoodWool
Upgrade 12383
Upgrade 2128
Upgrade 3288
Upgrade 4103
Variation CStoneCobblestoneWood (any)
Upgrade 168
Upgrade 268
Upgrade 3902