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Available fromKan Cha'an
K'uhul Jalab
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Maize, or corn, was the central component to the diet of the ancient Maya, and figured prominently in Maya mythology and ideology. Maize was used and eaten in a variety of ways. maize was typically ground up on a metate and prepared in a number of ways. Tortillas, cooked on a comal and used to wrap other foods meat, beans, etc., were common and are perhaps the best known pre-Columbian Mesoamerican food. Tamales consist of corn dough, often containing a filling, that are wrapped in a corn husk and steam-cooked. Both atole and pozole were liquid based gruel-like dishes that were made by mixing ground maize (hominy) with water, with atole being denser and used as a drinking source and pozole having complete big grains of maize incorporated into a turkey broth. This will be the main source of food for the Mayans, they will farm maize to create Masa and Wah which they will need to grow and thrive.
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Maize is used to craft Masa and Wah, both food items the player can use to regain hunger. Masa heals one hunger, and is crafted with 3 maize; Wah heals one hunger, and is made with 2 maize and a piece of chicken meat.

CraftMasa.png CraftWah.png

Growth & Growing Conditions[edit]

When left alone, maize planted in farmland will grow to become maize which can be harvested. Planted at least 1 block of air above them to grow, and grow more quickly when planted near abundant water and sufficient light. The image below shows the stages of growth from newly planted maize that is ready for harvesting.

ML Turmeric0.png ML Maize1.png

Maize must be grown in an area surrounded by some sort of barrier or your crops are at risk of being trampled. After stepping on tilled dirt with or without seeds, the dirt will revert back to normal after only a few steps (although this is randomly controlled because tests have shown it ranges anywhere from 1 steps to 10). Passive and hostile mobs can both affect these crops (apart from spiders and wolves, as of Beta 1.4). If trampled, planted maize do not drop items. They only drop maize if the crop was fully grown instead being permanently destroyed. When fully grown, maize crops will drop 1 or 2 maize.


Maize can be harvested by the player without lessons from the Mayan leader, however, it cannot be planted without lessons (requires "friend of the village" reputation). Any attempt to plant it without lessons will simply not work, and you will be prompted to learn from the Mayan leader.