Mayan:Gold Ornament

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Gold Ornament
Gold Ornament
Block ID184:2
Available fromKan Cha'an
K'uhul Jalab
Selling Price
  5Denier Argent0Denier


The Mayans created these elaborate gold leaf ornaments which they pounded into place over the stone blocks on their amazing structures. When in place they would then adorn the block with colorful materials and gems. The Mayan Carvers created these amazing blocks, they simply required a gold ingot and a block of stone per square to create these amazing pieces, very amazing.
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The gold ornament is the only unique mayan block. There are two ways of obtaining it: Buying from villages that have a carver in it or finding it in lone pyramids. Once there is one stone and one gold in the town's inventory, the carver will craft the block in his house.