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Found inKan Cha'an
K'uhul Jalab


Mayan Kings. Mayan kings were considered to be godlike. They were the centers of power for the Mayan civilization. Each Mayan city-state was controlled by a dynasty of kings, who collectively drove the empire forward. Every single Mayan king created some form of monument to prove his power, some still stand, while some are in ruin. Mayan kings were expected to legitimize their claim of power. One of the ways to do this was to build a temple or pyramid.
Villagers Parchment

The Ajaw, or King, functions as the leader of a Mayan village. Upon talking to him, you may do many things. He is the one that tells you your reputation with his village and also lets you buy land and houses. Another neat feature is the ability to talk good or bad about surrounding villages so that his village likes, or hates, them more.

The Ajaw is the ruler in both Religious and Agricultural mayan villages and will inspect ongoing constructions.

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