Mayan:Ah Kax Makan

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Ah Kax Makan
(Chicken Farm)
Building found inVillage Costumbre
Village Jub'uy
Village Milpa
Width(A 12) (B 18) meters
Length(A 16) (B 12) meters
Raw ChickenEggFeather       
2ML denier argent.png 0ML denier.png
4ML denier.png
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Chicken Farm[edit]

Chicken Farm. Mayans farmed fowl for it's meat mainly. The meat was generally used as a filler in the famous Mayan tamales.
Buildings Parchment

This is a building where a We'matz and Atan work to farm chickens. The We'matz are responsible for farming the chickens and the Atan will deliver the resources around the village and will also sell to the player. To buy from the Ah Kax MaKan simply enter the building and move around it it until you receive a message from the Atan informing you she is on her way. You may buy raw chicken feathers and eggs from her.


Variation AStoneCobblestoneWood (any)Oak Wood
Upgrade 1359
Upgrade 2114
Upgrade 384
Variation BStoneCobblestoneWood (any)Oak Wood
Upgrade 1499
Upgrade 277137
Upgrade 31593
Upgrade 4249
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