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Biomes spawned in Swampland, Jungle
This culture was produced by MinerMiah
Introduced in Version 1.5
Present day N/A

Up to date information about the Maya is also available in the Encyclopedia

The third Culture added to Millénaire, the Mayans were designed by MinerMiah. They live in military, agricultural or religious villages and build massive stone and cobblestone structures. They can farm Maize, from which they make Mayan food: Masa (Maize tortillas) and Wah (a tortilla wrapped on chicken meat). They also craft great Mayan Carvings and ornamental gold blocks with which to decorate their palaces and temples.

This culture has dialogue for the villagers to speak, when they aren't busy.


Village Type
Village Milpa Agricultural Village
Village Jub'uy Military Village
Village Costumbre Religious Village
Player's Jub'uy Player Controlled Village

Lone Structures[edit]

Name Mayan
Bandits Home K'as Otoch
Bandits Outpost K'as Koloh-che'
Lone Cave Ch'en
Lone Farm Maya Makan
Lone Shaman's Grounds Ah Waay Su'uk
Lost Mayan Corn Farm Sa'at Maya Maize Makan
Lost Mayan Home Sa'at Maya Otoch
Lost Pyramid Sa'at Muul
Lost Stone Mine Sa'at Tunich In-ti'a'al

Items and Blocks Contributed[edit]

Gold Ornament Gold Ornament
Maize Maize
Masa Masa
Wah Wah
Tools, Weapons, and Armor
Axe Mayan Axe
Hoe Mayan Hoe
Mace Mayan Mace
Pickaxe Mayan Pickaxe
Shovel Mayan Shovel
Other Items
Mayan Carving Mayan Carving
Obsidian Flake Obsidian Flake
Buildings Parchment Buildings Parchment
Objects Parchment Objects Parchment
Villagers Parchment Villagers Parchment
Complete Parchment Complete Parchment