Japanese:Chuugata Chisho

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Chuugata Chisho
(Medium Plot)
Chuugata Chisho
Building found inGunjiteki Mura
Nouji Mura
Bukkyou Mura
Width10 meters
Length12 meters

Medium Plot[edit]

Once you reach the reputation level of "Regular Visitor" you may have a medium plot of land constructed for you. The small plot costs 32 Denier argent and is a fairly cheap amount of land from the Japanese Culture. It is a medium sized 12 blocks by 10 blocks area bordered by a outline of fences and then wooden blocks. The medium plot has a 2 block opening bordered by one block of wooden planks on each side that hold torches. This average sized piece of land can provide nice room for a farm or supply room. This plot can also be used for a good sized house if the player wishes to build their own without disturbing the village map.


Wood (any)Oak Wood