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Biomes spawned in Extreme Hills, Plains
This culture was produced by Rasseru & Minepower
Introduced in Version 2.0
Present day Japanese

Up to date information about the Japanese is also available in the Encyclopedia

The Japanese Culture is the fourth to be added to Millénaire. The Japanese have military, religious, or agricultural villages. Agricultural villages have either the usual farms or a sake brewery. Japanese buildings are very detailed and stunning, using paper walls and Timber frames. They farm Rice to make the food Udon and farm Wheat to make Thatch. They also have very good weapons such as the Tachi Sword, as well as two sets of armour. Japanese are from the Heian Period of Japan's History and are known as the Heian people.


Village Type
Bukkyou Mura Religious Village
Gunjiteki Mura Military Village
Nouji Mura Agricultural Village
Bouekigyou Mura Trading Village
Shiyuuchi Player Controlled Village

Lone Structures[edit]

Name Japanese
Bandit Cave Iwamuro no Hito
Bandit Fort Zokuto no Bakusha
Hot Springs Inn Onsenmachi
Japanese Outpost Zenshou
Kofun Tomb Kofun
Lone Buddha Daibutsu
Lone Mine Kouku
Lone Shrine Yashiro

Items and Blocks Contributed[edit]

Thatch Thatch
Paper Wall Paper Wall
Udon Udon
Rice Rice
Tools, Weapons, and Armor
Taichi Sword Tachi Sword
Yumi bow Yumi bow
Keiko Helmet Keiko Helmet
Keiko Chestplate Keiko Chestplate
Keiko Leggings Keiko Leggings
Keiko Boots Keiko Boots
O-yoroi Helmet O-yoroi Helmet
O-yoroi Chestplate O-yoroi Chestplate
O-yoroi Leggings O-yoroi Leggings
O-yoroi Boots O-yoroi Boots
Other Items
Buildings Parchment Buildings Parchment
Objects Parchment Objects Parchment
Villagers Parchment Villagers Parchment
Complete Parchment Complete Parchment