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Wet brick
Wet brick
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The first stage in the manufacture of bricks, wet bricks are brought to the brick oven to dry in the sun.
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Wet Brick -sun- Mud Brick -oven- cooked Brick
Wet Brick -sun- Mud Brick -oven- Cooked Brick, in hand is Brick Mold


Most Indian houses are made of bricks. They come in three forms: wet bricks, mud bricks and cooked bricks. Wet bricks are only used to make mud bricks, not as a construction material.

To create a wet brick you need the Brick Mould, that you can buy from the Chief`s house or the Fort and one dirt and one sand in your inventory. You then need to right-click on a block to create a wet brick. If this Wet Brick lays in the sun, then it becomes a Mud Brick after some time.