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Item ID1800
Block ID121
Available fromMahal
Mukhiya ka Ghar
Selling Price
  1Denier Argent0Denier
This powdered spice is obtained by grinding the root of the turmeric plant. It is a necessary ingredient in curries. As with rice, its presence accelerates the growth of children.
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Turmeric is a spice the Hindu villages use as an ingredient to make chicken and vegetable Curry produced in the village's Spice Garden. You can buy it to plant it yourself.


Turmeric is used in crafting Vegetable Curry along with one rice, and is used in Chicken Curry along with one rice and one chicken.

CraftChickenCurry.png CraftVegetarianCurry.png

Growth & Growing Conditions[edit]

Turmeric is planted by the village Kisaan, or peasants.

When left alone, turmeric planted in farmland will grow to become turmeric which can be harvested. Planted turmeric needs at least 1 block of air above them to grow, and grow more quickly when planted near abundant water and sufficient light. The image below shows the stages of growth from newly planted turmeric that is ready for harvesting.

ML Turmeric0.png ML Turmeric1.png


Turmeric, when growing, can not be "farmed" by the player. Any attempt to pick up grown Turmeric from farmland will destroy the plant, and gain nothing for the player. (No Longer True)