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Hindu Statue
Hindu Statue
Item ID1805
Available fromMuurtikaar ka ghar
Selling Price
  5Denier Argent0Denier
These statues of Hindu gods are created by the sculptor to adorn the village temple, and are sold to players with refined artistic tastes.
Objects Parchment
A Hindu Statue


This item is crafted by the Muurtikaar (Stone Carver) in his house (Muurtikaar ka ghar). It is much more like a painting representing an hindu deity than a statue, and is currently available to be sold in indian villages.

To create a Statue, the Muurtikaar requires Sandstone and Stone to be gathered from the town hall by the wife.

Missing statue bug help[edit]

There is a known bug in Millenaire that only happens in indian villages of the type Qila. The bug happens when the village is going to build a temple that requires 1 Hindu statue, but the village has not built a sculptor's house yet and can't craft the statue for itself (NOTE: You can't craft the statue yourself, and even if you take it from the creative inventory, you can't sell it to the village)

  • How it affects gameplay: This will prevent all future projects in the village and make it stop developing.
  • Solution: Click the link [for this thread] and read the 7# post by the user scalpod, it will explain everything you need to know to get rid of this bug.