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Cooked brick
Cooked brick
Block ID184:0
Available fromInta bhatta
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After baking in an oven, mud bricks become cooked bricks, stronger and more attractive, with their whitewashed look.
Objects Parchment
Wet Brick -sun- Mud Brick -oven- cooked Brick
Wet Brick -sun- Mud Brick -oven- Cooked Brick, in hand is Brick Mold


Most Indian houses are made of bricks. They come in three forms: wet bricks, mud bricks and cooked bricks. Wet bricks are only used to make mud bricks, not as a construction material.

To create a wet brick you need the Brick Mould, that you can buy from the Chief`s house, the Palace, or the Fort and one dirt and one sand in your inventory. You then need to right-click on a block to create a wet brick, which will spawn next to the block you right-clicked on. Once the wet brick has laid in the sun for some time, the brick will dry and then turn into a mud brick (The length of time it takes for a wet brick to dry is random, ranging from a few seconds to 2 or 3 Minecraft days).

To create cooked bricks, you need to cook mud bricks in a furnace. Cooked bricks are often used in advanced constructions and upgrades, and once a village's central building has been upgraded a few times, (at least 4) the villagers will be able to create cooked bricks on their own, but until then you'll have to supply them with all the mud bricks yourself.