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This new page is intended to be a central nexus for combining wiki pages that describe the various text files within the Millenaire mod. Each type of file format may be its own subpage of this page; organizing the descriptions of the various file contents need to be orderly, descriptive, and relevant to current content.

What Goes Into the Subpages[edit]

Pages which describe what a particular "type" of text file which hold the content of the mod should go into the subpages, but are linked here.

Culture files (as of this release, only culture.txt and traded_goods.txt) describe a qualifier-separator character, any known crops, and traded goods with their buy/sell prices.

Building files described the attributes of the Village buildings. They are divided into core, extra, and lone building types.

Lone Building files describe additional attributes for the lone building types.

Name List files are simple text files with a single name per line; a number of different files define family names (high and low class), men's names, women's names, merchant names, village names, and perhaps special name files relevant to other content.

Shop files describe additional tags pertinent to buildings where goods are bought, sold, or delivered to/from that location.

Village files describe attributes relevant to a particular village within the parent culture.

Villager files describe the NPC villager types relevant to the culture, village, or building. It describes the textures to display on the character, the goals that they should pursue, merchant stock (if goods can be traded), and other character traits.

Goal files describe the goals that villagers utilize.

Quest files are a large part of progress through the game; these are either "common" (to be used by any), "culture"-specific (each civilization may have its own objective), or a main-stream "world quest" that leads to winning the game.

Some additional language text files hold additional localizable strings for various languages.

This listing is not yet exhaustive in its completeness, but is more-or-less the extent of starting on customizing the content.