Creation Quest: The Great Dig

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The Great Dig
"A very deep hole."
Type Storyline Quest
Preceding Explosive Needs
Succeeding Explosive Matters
Start Alchemist Vif-argent
End Alchemist Vif-argent
Time Limit 1048 hours
Reward 64 TNT
64 Redstone Wire
Amulet of the Alchemist
Reputation 128
Experience 4


Time to get back on the main research. The Alchemist asks you to dig a deep, 5 by 5 hole, down to the bedrock. He will even give you some materials to help you with this. Don't worry though, he will not give you a simple shovel and pick. Instead his Assistant gives you a bunch of TNT - so that is what the gunpowder was needed for.


Just as a precaution, don't forget to store any valuable things in your little house, before digging this hole. Don't want to lose all that money and other things things due to a stray explosion, lava or a random monster, right?

So, the task at hand, dig a deep hole, all the way to bedrock level, make sure it is 5 blocks long by 5 blocks wide, and all these blocks need air blocks above them. In other words, if a block at sea level is over the 5 by 5 hole, it does not count. The sunlight must be able to reach all of them at the same time.

As usual, there are several ways to do this task. For example, you could ignore the TNT and manually dig it all. You can also dig a one wide hole to the bottom and fill it completely with TNT, then igniting the top one. You can use the TNT one at a time, head down in the hole, place a new one, hide and repeat. Another way is to make a drop hole, a 3x3 platform with a hole in the middle, over the intended place, make a block of it powered and put a TNT in the hole, one after another to see them fall to the bottom and explode there. There are many other ways of course, just be creative. However, be wary of the possible dangers.

To prevent you from being annoyed by things going wrong, a bit of advice. Do not build the hole too close to the Alchemist's Tower - you might regret that later on. Let's say 20 blocks from the workshop to the edge of the hole should be safe enough. Scout the intended target spot first by digging all the way down to see if there is any lava or water on the way. Water absorbs the explosions, thus making them less effective, it can be easily dealt with. Lava on the other hand can turn things in a mess rather quickly, especially if you happen to find a lava lake on the way. Especially with the future quests in mind, you want to be lava free at the bedrock level for a few more blocks than you can see, unless you like the smell of your flesh being roasted by the molten red goo.

It is also wise, either beforehand on a spot where the explosions won't reach it, or afterwards, to make a work tunnel or staircase. The reason for this, you will need to head down there on several occasions. Either during this quest to clear up some overhanging blocks over the 5 by 5 area, and also to trigger the check if there are enough blocks exposed, but also on later quests.

So, when you are done blasting your borehole, go down to the bedrock and wait for the check to occur. If not all of the 25 blocks are exposed, it will tell you so. If this happens, just stand on each of the block in the 5x5 area and look straight up to see if no block is in the way. You must be able to see the sky and/or sun straight above you on each block.


Upon completion of this quest, the Alchemist will give you an Amulet of the Alchemist for your troubles, as well as 128 Reputation. But you know, it was more fun than it was trouble, right?



There is a bug that makes the game not recognize when the 5x5 hole is dug, if this happens the only known fix is to keep making the hole bigger and bigger until it does recognize it.