Creation Quest: Marsh Expert

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Marsh Expert
An Adivasi Farm in a marsh.
Type Storyline Quest
Preceding Exploring the Desert
Succeeding Holy Weapon
Start Sadhu Vidya
End Sadhu Vidya
Time Limit 1048 hours
Reward 1 Vegetarian Curry


Reputation 128
Experience 4


Now that you've explored the forest and the desert, it is time to gather information on the swamps in this world. Fortunately, Sadhu Vidya mentions that you do not have to do this yourself. Instead you will have to find those who have lived all their life in the marshes, the Adivasi farmers. Despite being looked down upon by the general population, these farmers are quite observant and their knowledge will help the Sadhu and you tremendously.


The task is simple in essence, find an Adivasi farmer's hamlet, ask for their help, and return. You can also walk back to an earlier found Adivasi farmer's hamlet. Any will do. The Adivasi ka Ghar, that's the official name for this hamlet, spawns in the Swampland biome.

The required goods. The Rotten Flesh is missing from this image.

When you have arrived at the farmers, they will gladly offer your their knowledge and give you several items to bring back to the Sadhu. If all is well, then you should get from them:

The first three items on that list are required to complete the quest. The last item, the vegetarian curry, is an extra reward for yourself to use.

Now, return to the Sadhu, and give the necessary items to finish the quest. Rest a bit and prepare for another exploration challenge.


From the Adivasi farmers, you will get a vegetarian curry, and upon completing the quest, you will gain 128 reputation from the Sadhu.

Additional Information[edit]

Finding the farm in this quest can be quite tedious. If you are even a bit unlucky, then new villages or lone buildings spawned near the unexplored marshlands can prevent a farm from spawning.

If you've explored for kilometers after kilometers and are still out of luck, then you might want to try the advice of a Minecraft-forum user named MassesOfMinecraft.

Be aware, use this at your own risk. Be smart and backup your save first, in case something goes wrong.

By far I think the swamp one is the hardest. I've eventually made it on 2 maps, but you can explore for probably days without meeting the right conditions. It's easy to find a Desert, it's easy to find a Forest, but with this, not only do you have to find a Swamp, you also need to find a Swamp that generated a Lone Building that happened to be an Adivasi Farm.

With every section of Swamp, either it's there or it isn't, but you're at the mercy of a Random Number Generator to complete that section of your quest. In an ideal world, you would have stumbled across one already and would know where to find it. (For funsies, you can check: .minecraft\saves\YOURWORLDHERE\millenaire\lonebuildings.txt and you can look for adivasifarm;hindi but odds are you haven't generated one yet.)

All you can do is keep exploring. And keep exploring. The current map I'm playing has yet to generate one, so I sympathize. Something I just thought of, though: There are config options:

//Lone buildings
//Min distance between a lone building and a village
//Min distance between two lone buildings

You would do best by switching those out with lower numbers, which I presume would have to increase your odds of getting an Adivasi Farm. That's the only proactive thing I can think of.

Edit: It was really quick. I added in config-custom.txt:

//Min distance between a lone building and a village
//Min distance between two lone buildings
I explored another swamp, it generated a village and a Lone Building, and lo and behold, I got an Adivasi Farm. Now I'll remove it from custom-config.txt or else it may make things a bit crazy.

You can also find a red mushroom, a Brown mushroom and Vines without the advasi farmer. Thats What i did at least

If you'd like to skip the requirement to find an Adivasi farmer, and just give the Sadhu the items he's requesting, you can go into .minecraft/saves/[your world here]/millenaire/profiles/[some randomly-generated folder name] and look at the "tags" file (You would be wise to create a backup of this file before modifying it, just in case). If you had met the adivasi farmer, this file would contain a line saying "sadhu_5b_done". You can just add that line and reload your game, then give the Sadhu the items he's requesting.


  • As of 2.0.7, you will be informed of the creation of the required hamlet, and they can generate in an already explored chunk.
  • The users of the Extra Biomes mod can also encounter the farm in a Lush Swamplands biome.
  • Before version 2.6, this quest had Exploring the Mountains as its follow-up.


There is this bug that the adivasi farmers wont talk to you and you cannot complete the quest even if you find another adivasi farm they wont talk to you so if anyone knows how to fix this please add it to this page.