Creation Quest: Knowledge and Rituals

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Knowledge and Rituals
The priest and his wife
Type Storyline Quest
Preceding Window in the Depth
Succeeding Limits of the World
Start Sadhu Vidya
End Sadhu Vidya
Time Limit 2 * 1048 hours
Reward Reputation
Reputation 128
Experience 4
Reputation Penalty 128


While you were off exploring the depths of the ocean, Sadhu Vidya has been focusing on the mystery you've left him with - the enchanting table. Despite failing at deciphering the books, he thinks he knows how it all works. His theory is that the table and the books are just a focal point for a material person like yourself, but that they aren't essential. Time to test that theory.


The Sadhu will give you a parchments with hymns on them and asks you to find a skilled village pandit. The enchantment on the papers are not meant for war, but will only be good for enchanting tools and such, so no harm will be done.

An example of a low level Priest's house.

The pandit, or priest, lives with his wife in a Pandit ka Ghar. This building can be found only in two types of Hindi villages, the Gaanv village and the Gaanv Hamlet.

Simply head over to such a village. The building you are looking for should always be there, since it's a so called starter building - that's a building that is created when the village is created.

As usual, if the priest isn't offering the quest to you, simply wait a short bit and it should pop up. Hand over the documents that the Sadhu gave you, and head back. Do keep note of what the pandit says to you, the information will be useful later on after you've finished all the quests.

Chances are slim, but a fair warning. There is a reputation penalty, if you do not make it back to the Sadhu within 1048 Minecraftian hours, counting from the moment you've delivered the paper to the priest.


Upon completion of this quest, you will gain 128 reputation. There is also a penalty for not getting back in time after you've delivered the paper to the pandit. It will set you back 128 reputation if you fail to do so in the allotted 1048 hours.


  • This quest was added in version 2.6.