Creation Quest: Initiation/ru

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Тип квеста Сюжетный
Предыдущее задание Садху
Следующее задание Ботанические образцы
Начало Sadhu Vidya
Конец Sadhu Vidya
Ограничение по времени 48 часов
Награда Нет

I was expecting you, username. Villagers visit me to seek advise, and I have been told many times about the stranger without a past that befriends Indian villages and seems at home in this wild world we have all been send to. You must have been told by some village elder that I would answer your questions. It will not be so easy. My knowledge was great in the old world on the banks of the Holy Ganges, but here I must learn everything anew. If you seek a Guru, you have come in vain. However... Before I retired to a life of meditation, I was skilled in the knowledge of the natural world. There was not a plant I could not name or use between the Himalayas and the jungle of the south. And while my body has grown frail, my mind is still sharp. Help me study this world and you too will learn much about it. But be warned: not all creatures here are peaceful, and I believe we may face... resistance when exploring the world.

Посвящение - второе задание в цепочке Сотворения


Вы нашли Садху. Но у него нет для вас ответов. Тем не менее, он предлагает вам свою помощь в изучении этого мира.



Очевидно, что за такое простое задания награда не полагается.