Creation Quest: Fear and Knowledge

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Fear and Knowledge
Type Storyline Quest
Preceding Holy Weapon
Succeeding Exploring the Mountains
Start Sadhu Vidya
End Sadhu Vidya
Time Limit 1048 hours
Reward Reputation
Reputation 128
Experience 4
Reputation Penalty 128

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So Sadhu Vidya was a little frightened of what he perceived as your little unearthly display? At least his holy curiosity is still intact. He'd like you to share your knowledge of your newest gift with him.


If you crafted the enchanting table, go ahead and bring it over to the Sadhu. It and a companion bookshelf need to be within 10 cubits of the middle of the base of the Sadhu Tree. Use 'v' to show the exact point the table and shelf need to be to satisfy the 10 cubit requirement.

The enchanting table and its companion bookshelf needs to be in the 'default' configuration of how you would set up your own enchanting table. If you are unsure what this means, then look at the following diagram:


In there, T is the location of the enchanting table. The O's are empty spots. The B's are the possible locations of the bookshelf.


You will gain 128 reputation upon completion. There is also a reputation penalty when you fail this quest. This is also 128 reputation.


  • This quest was added in Millénaire 2.6.