Creation Quest: Exploring the Mountains

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Exploring the Mountains
Don't fall down!
Type Storyline Quest
Preceding Fear and Knowledge
Succeeding The Great Dive
Start Sadhu Vidya
End Sadhu Vidya
Time Limit 1048 hours
Reward Reputation
Reputation 128
Experience 4


The Sadhu is seeing an emerging pattern from your previous explorations. To confirm this pattern, you will have to explore the mountains for him.


Just as with the previous exploring quests, this is one that you will have to do at night, in a mountain biome. So, get rested and stock up on weapons, armor and food and head out.

The same rules apply as before, you will need to stay in the biome and move at least 25 meters away each hour to gain a 5% increase in your progressions. Unlike with the desert exploration, you do not need to gather any samples this time though. It is still advised, which goes for most of the quest chain, to not play this quest on peaceful.

As before, you will be accompanied by informative messages. Every 5% of exploration will spawn a few spiders near you. When your nightly adventure is complete (100% exploration), return to Sadhu Vidya to convey your findings and collect the reward.

If you are having problems raising your progression, then consider using F3 or shift-F3 to view your current biome. It seems like your exploration only counts when being in an Extreme Hills biome and not Extreme Hills Edge or anything else.


You will gain 128 reputation upon completion.


  • Before Millénaire 2.0.4, you had to do the exploration in a single go. This meant moving 250 meters within 5 in-game hours during the same night while staying in the same mountainous area.
  • Before Millénaire 2.6, this quest was the follow-up for Marsh Expert.