Creation Quest: Exploring the Desert

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Exploring the Desert
The dangers of the desert at night.
Type Storyline Quest
Preceding Hindu Epics
Succeeding Marsh Expert
Start Sadhu Vidya
End Sadhu Vidya
Time Limit 1048 hours
Reward Amulet of Vishnu
Reputation 128
Experience 4


Now that you've delivered the Hindu epics, the Sadhu thinks it's time to explore some more. Our next destination will be the desert. Sadhu Vidya suspects that you will find less opposition in such a desolate place.


A quest similar to exploring the forest, so prepare yourself and gear up. This one might be a tad harder, because with the openness of the desert, you will have less spots to hide from for example Skeleton Archer attacks.

Even in small numbers, skeleton archers remain dangerous.
The required samples.

The same rules apply as with the forest exploration. Walk roughly 25 meters within an in-game hour to receive 5% towards your completion. When you hit 100%, then you are done with the exploration part. Be aware though that each 5% completed, a group of Skeleton Archers will spawn.

For this exploration, you must use the pure Desert biome. The Desert Hills biome does not seem to count towards your progression. To view which biome you are exactly in, simply press F3 or shift-F3. Millénaire will also notify you of your progress during the quest.

Whether you choose to run from the Skeletons or fight them, be extremely wary of your position. Chances are that due to your movement, your exploration progress increases, and that new Skeletons will spawn. If this happens to happen while you are near the previous Skeletons, then you might be in for a world of hurt.

Besides the fighting part, there is another part that you must fulfill. You will need to gather a few items native to the desert. These are:

  • 2 Cacti/Cactusses
  • 2 Sugarcane

Just farm these items from the ground when you come across them. If it is too much of a hustle to do this while dodging arrows, Endermen and Creeper explosions, simply come back during the day.

When you got the message that you have completed exploring the desert and have gathered the necessary items, head back to Sadhu Vidya and relay him your findings. The outcome will not be a surprise to the Sadhu, although he didn't expect that you would have so much resistance.


Upon completion, you will gain 128 reputation and an Amulet of Vishnu.


  • Before Millénaire 2.0.4, you had to do the exploration in a single go. This meant moving 250 meters within 5 in-game hours during the same night while staying in the same desert.
  • Before Millénaire 2.6, the Amulet of Vishnu was not a reward for this quest.
  • This quest can be completed while in creative mode and flying (it will also complete with "Peaceful" mode on).