Creation Quest: Dark Omens

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Dark Omens
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Type Storyline Quest
Starting Requirements 'Friend of the Village'-status with a Mayan Costumbre town
Preceding None
Succeeding War Preparations
Start Mayan Shaman
End Mayan Shaman
Time Limit 1048
Reward 960 Deniers, 128 Reputation, 4 Experience


After the compelling thoughts that you and the alchemists have had, you continue your search for more answers, you come across a Mayan village Shaman who speaks of dark omens that he had seen.


Get this quest from a Mayan Shaman, found in "Costumbre" (traditional) Mayan villages, once you have reached "Friend of the Village" reputation level. He tells you that dark omens have come across the land, and he needs guidance from the gods. He will ask you to collect items to sacrifice to the gods. You must bring him:

8x Bones 2x Spider Eyes 8x Rotten Flesh

You must collect these items and bring them back to the shaman to complete the quest.


Once you have given the Shaman your offerings, you will be rewarded with 960 Deniers, 128 Reputation, and 4 Experience.