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Grapes are grown in the Byzantine vineyards, and harvested by the villagers to produce Malvasia Wine. The player can be taught how to plant grapes by a Byzantine village leader, and then used to craft into Vin.

Growth & Growing Conditions[edit]

When left alone, grapes planted in farmland will grow to become several grapes similar to carrots. They need to be planted with at least 1 block of air above them to grow, and will grow faster when planted near abundant water and with sufficient light.

Grapes must be grown in an area surrounded by some sort of barrier or your crops are at risk of being trampled. After stepping on tilled dirt with or without seeds, the dirt will revert back to normal after only a few steps (although this is randomly controlled because tests have shown it ranges anywhere from 1 steps to 10). Passive and hostile mobs can both affect these crops (apart from spiders and wolves, as of Beta 1.4). If trampled, planted grapes do not drop items. They only drop grapes if the crop was fully grown instead being permanently destroyed. When fully grown, the grape plant will drop 1 or 2 grapes.


Grapes can be harvested by the player without lessons from the Byzantine leader, however, it cannot be planted without lessons (requires "Friend of the village" reputation). Any attempt to plant it without lessons will simply not work, and you will be prompted to learn from the Byzantine leader.