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Byzantine Man Wearing Armour
Biomes spawned in River, Plains
This culture was produced by Ticlon
Introduced in Version 4.0
Present day Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, etc.

Up to date information about the Byzantines is also available in the Encyclopedia

The fifth Culture added to Millénaire was designed by Ticlon. The skillful Byzantines are the last remnants of the once great Roman Empire. Besides making wine from grapes and farming silk to make expensive icons, they also use tiles to recreate the legendary architecture of their ancestors. There are religious, military and retail-based villages.

This culture has dialogue for the villagers to speak when they aren't busy.


Village Type
Chorio Emporikos Agricultural Village
Chorio Stratiotike Military Village
Chorio Orthodoxo Religious Village
Archontia Player Controlled Village

Lone Structures[edit]

Name Greek
Ancient Temple Archaio Nao
Ancient Theater Archaio Theatro
Watch Tower Mono Paratiritio
Lighthouse Pharos
Lone Sheep Farm Apomonomeno Boske Probaton

Items and Blocks Contributed[edit]

Byzantine Tiles Byzantine Tiles
Byzantine Slabs Byzantine Slabs
Byzantine Stone Slab Byzantine Stone Slab
Byzantine Stone Slab Silk Worm Farm
Byzantine Stone Slab Full Silk Worm Farm
Maize Grapes
Feta Feta
Raw Lamb Raw Lamb
Cooked Lamb Cooked Lamb
Souvlaki Souvlaki
Vin Vin
Masa Wine
Tools, Weapons, and Armor
Axe Byzantine Mace
Byzantine Helmet Byzantine Helmet
Byzantine Chestplate Byzantine Chestplate
Byzantine Leggins Byzantine Leggings
Byzantine Boots Byzantine Boots
Other Items
Small Idol Small Idol
Medium Idol Medium Idol
Large Idol Large Idol
Silk Silk
Silk Silk Clothes
Silk Wool Clothes
Buildings Parchment Buildings Parchment
Objects Parchment Objects Parchment
Villagers Parchment Villagers Parchment
Complete Parchment Complete Parchment


The Byzantine Culture is currently in its infant stages and information may be out of date.