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This page is dedicated to bug reports. Keep it clean, organised, and with enough information on each bug (what version, what was the context, etc.).

In order to keep the page informative: Focus on bugs in the latest version. Or for MC nostalgicans: Concentrate on bugs in the latest version of the major branches (e.g. 0.6.5 instead of picking 0.6.x)


Before posting about any bugs read this![edit]

Please only post your error logs on the Millenaire forum or email Kinniken WITH AN ERROR REPORT and tell him what you did at that time.

Bugs in 8.0.1[edit]

  • Elevage Ovin in the abbey town does not work after upgraded. The seller calls out that she's coming, but never arrives.
  • Player's personal walled Norman Gros Bourg will not allow player with Gold Block & Wand to build a custom or Millenaire generated building, says that building is prohibited at 0N
  • In Indian towns building the Bangla, the carved Indian window request is for 66 but the internal storage of the village seller is fixed at 64 (cannot go above, eg to 99) so this step never gets completed.
  • Archives in Indian, Japanese, Norman villages have no outside sign. The inside signs are populated.
  • Archive signs in Greek village do not populate (default text only). There is an external sign, but blank.
  • An Indian Qila has had 2 trade categories frozen, cannot trade these items, though showing as needed and available. Other items with seller trade fine. It may have been an accidental key press but player can't get it undone.
  • Sadhu doesn't accept enchanted sword on Quest and displays text asking for enchantment table, but doesn't take that either.
  • After a while villagers start moving extremely slowly. Blocks are placed at a speed of about one block per three or four seconds. However, the game itself runs about as smooth as it can. I do have 5 villages running simultaneously, including a nearly finished Notre Dame.
  • Sometimes when you use the scroll of your own village, it can take away most of your village's territory, so you can't build new structures, but still recognizes village's structures outside of the available territory. (Reloading or rejoining doesn't help);

UPD: This is for some reason caused by changing the village radius option.

  • On rare occasions game crashes when Initializing
  • Japanese crafting house sign gets placed sideways above it's intended location.
  • when you own a village you can't raid, it will stay planning raid
  • Norman village sells stone for 3 and buys it for 4, which can be used for infinite money
  • If your world is large (over 3km^2) and from a previous version, all the villagers could despawn.
  • Vanilla villages spawn with Millenaire installed in some rare cases.
  • Millenaire menu not working after creating world, solved by closing and reopening the world
  • Conflict with mod BetterPortals: when you have a nether portal loaded near a village, it triggers a series of bugs including village signs like village map become not interactive, losing all backpack items visually when interacting with village chests, reputation with civilizations set back to default. Reopening the game does not help, entering the portal and come back will recover lost reputation until another nether portal is loaded, the village will work normally only when all portals near the village are destroyed and reopening the game.
  • when I create a player controlled village and exit and re-enter in the world I'm losing the village leadership
  • having denier in the shield hand while trading causes the player to receive double that amount on any trade

"Error in 7.2.1"[edit]

when you create a village (custom) and exit and re-enter in the world I'm losing the village leadership

Bugs in 6.0.0[edit]

  • There seems to be no NPCs coming to trade.
  • Seems like when you teleport to a village usuing a Minimap Mod, it spams ill be right there.....players name
  • Extreme Client FPS lag, seems to be linked to NEI somehow, removing Millenaire fixes it.
  • Severe console spam -"Could not register as mw is null"- as seen on http://pastebin.com/T3ZXfCeJ This happens several times a second, leading to a 32 meg logfile after 23 minutes. It logs over a meg a minute. On our server we run rtoolkit which is a watchdog that restarts the server if it becomes unresponsive, this level of logging eventually with several active villages and players leads to overloading the rtoolkit memory and locking up the server.
    • This is What it looks like when the server goes down due to excessive logging- http://pastebin.com/ZBpXTNED Suggested "fix" - Seeing as this has happened over several versions, can we have an option to disable all console logging?
  • Rubber banding villagers, villagers saying they will do one task and never doing it and instead doing other things while still saying they are going to do that other task, and all of this happening after a village freezes from the player being too far away. It's basically as if they become locked in a loop of actions once the village re-activates.
    • Also it seems that if chunk loaders are in place and the village does not freeze then the issue does not come up?
      • Unloaded chunks are a real issue for Millenaire, it might be required to change the way villages are loaded, like have a secondary method for running villagers when they are unloaded and have a code in there that tells them to teleport their physical forms to the proper place when they are loaded. This issue has been brought up for raiders, raiders who run through unloaded chunks get stuck in raiding mode and are forever said to be raiding until the chunk they are stuck in loads, if they were not using physical forms when they are in unloaded chunks and instead were just a time counting each block that would need to be passed then this issue can be prevented. This can be done with the villagers too by having them go about their normal day when unloaded all in the background and not physically doing it but having the path required to take be counted out and converted to a time amount, this way it has Villager A needing 5 minutes to go to grove, cut down trees, put tree drops in main system, and go home. When the chunks get loaded and they are in the middle of an automated path there would of course be a minor amount of lag as the place the villager should have physically been is calculated, but if you keep it VERY simple (like Villager A should have been chopping logs so put him in the grove and don't calculate how much he should have chopped down based on the amount of time spent) then it should be a negligible amount of lag that would be better to have instead of all of the reported errors that people leave. felinoel ~ (Talk) 19:08, 26 February 2015 (CET)
  • Villages can't be removed with the wand of destruction after killing everyone, many people are reporting this. The villagers will vanish, then the players will come back later and find they returned?
  • There's an issue where, after finding a village then leaving the area and returning at a later time, the head of the village will spam the chat with "I'll be right there, [player name]" and will no longer interact with the player.
    • This is probably something else caused by the unloading chunks issue. felinoel ~ (Talk) 22:02, 16 March 2015 (CET)
    • If you can catch any other trading villager(when they are bringing in goods for example) they will still trade with you when you click on them
  • A village can be fully stocked with resources and building yet the sign will say "lacking resources"
    • Might be due to them crafting the parts needed, like path blocks, slabs & stairs.
  • Carried forward from old versions- When receiving exp from quests the exp orbs still visually float around you. Saving and quitting to the main menu and reloading clears it.
  • If you put painting decorations (e.g., tapestry, icons, statues, carvings) onto a wall, the items will get consumed but the paintings won't appear. When you break the blocks that supported the paintings, it'll drop regular minecraft painting (original report)
  • Players are able to add and remove items from a world generated villages locked chests by using shift-S to remove or shift-w with the mod inventory tweaks. Suggested fix- disallow players from opening locked chests entirely.
  • Contributor-only houses cannot be accessed anymore.
  • Japanese village paper walls can be bought for 20d but sold for 48d.
  • Harvested rice yields wheat? But I grew rice?

Bugs in 6.0pb2[edit]

Bugs in 5.3[edit]

  • Any attempt to update, add, or remove mods causes every Millenaire NPC to begin spamming NPE OnUpdate() errors into the log. (This has been reported by numerous people via the MCF thread.)
  • How to reproduce the chat and log spam message "'NPC NAME' Error in onUpdate(). Note: Kill the NPCs listed in the chat stops the message until the NPC respawns the next day or following night.

-Start a game with visit a Millenaire village. -Save and exit the game. -Install any other mod that adds content, or update a mod your currently have. -When visiting village again the message "NPC NAME' Error in onUpdate() will repeatedly be posted in the chat log. This bug only occurs with a saved village after updating or adding a mod to the game. If you start a new game you will not have this message until you update or add again. Then any current villages that have generated will give you this message. Moving far enough away from the village to where it goes inactive stops this message. Generating a new village (on the same saved game where you are getting the bug) will not apply the chat spam bug to the newly generated village but will still apply to villages that were generated when the new mod was installed or updated.

  • the same also happens if you remove the same type of mods. But I'v managed to update some mods with it happening.

Bugs in 5.2[edit]

  • The chat log starts being spamed with - Bathilde Geral: Error in onUpdate(). Check millenaire.log - , or with other npc, and when you accept a quest from that npc Minecraft chrases.
    • The bug only occurs when the mod is applied to the existing world. Newly created world after installing the mod doesn't have the problem.
  • In Norman village that was created by the user, when the military sign is clicked, it shows nothing
  • Bandits seem to cause an immense amount of lag when encountered, particularly, the Norman bandit tower and the Japanese bandit fort.
  • Merchants in hamlets stay at the village centers for an indefinite amount of time, buying out all of the goods except the ones needed for construction, depleting resources for other artisan houses like forges and taverns. Note: Birch wood seems to be the only good that is circulated between hamlets.
  • Normans are sometimes unable to kill chickens and will just stare at them. Players entering the property will get spammed by the NPC saying they're on their way, but they still sit there looking at the chicken. (Nudging the NPC or chicken enough will snap them out of limbo).
  • Alchemist hut may not generate, but the NPC(s) are visible. Player runs into invisible walls. Quitting the game causes the game to erase any character data, wiping inventory and resetting spawn.
  • NPC offering quests will sometimes always have the quest displayed, but not always available.
  • Buying Norman tools will sometimes just disappear when moved in inventory.
  • Most lone buildings don't spawn because their .txt files are out of date. Biome pointers use old biome names.
  • Locked Chests underneath village information signs do not open, but other locked chests with no block/entity directly above them do.
  • Creating new chunks while exploring causes frequent stuttering and freezing. It may be an issue with checking for places to generate lone buildings and villages, and old biome pointers.
  • Byzantine Quarries have no forge. While they collect sand and clay, the village will not utilize it (create sandstone blocks for construction) and do not offer it for purchase to the player.
  • Upon joining the server,It will endlessly say 'Downloading terrain'. It is not fixed by re-installing oth the client and the mod, and it only occurs with this mod.
  • Villagers will only use oak wood as a burning material rendering villages unable to produce smooth stone or cooked bricks if their lumbermen somehow run out of oak saplings. This is especially problematic for the Mayans but also for the Japanese where oak wood required for constructions is constantly used as a burning material.
  • Villagers do not (want to) buy Acacia or Dark Oak,
  • I've found a couple of issues with the Japanese culture building: 1) The market gravel is supposed to be replaced in one stage by slab path blocks; however, instead of replacing the gravel, the path blocks are being placed under the gravel. 2) The roofs of the Gunjiteki Mura fort buildings/walls the stair blocks are being placed in the incorrect orientation during later stages. This bug also occurs in earlier versions of the mod.
  • I also see the same glitch that when you click on a quest giver the quest doesn't activate, even though it is showing above their head.
  • Norman tapestries and hindu statures not working either when placed by villagers or player
  • Crash when open an existing world (played day before), but not when creating new world
  • Opening a locked chest causes the game to say "A fatal error has occured, this connection is terminated." Clicking the "return to title screen" button returns you to the multiplayer server selection screen. Destroying a locked chest and quickly replacing the chest may fix it.

Bugs in 5.1.11[edit]

  • There is a bug that stops the villagers from doing their jobs (I.E. the shopkeeper will not come after you enter the area where the message "I'll be right there [player name]!" pops up. Villagers do not go to the "chatting" area and some quests cannot be entered. Affects at least Hindi and Japanese, fixed by relaunching Minecraft (but not simply relogging).
  • there is a bug on servers where a village Center shop will stop trading with the player and all but a few NPC's will not initiate quests the cause is unknown and seems to be random but only encountered so far with the Normans.
  • There is a a file called õ¢+þö¿Þ¬¬µÿÄ.txt that is situated in the Millinaire/languages/zh_tw folder that causes installation errors.
    • For users experiencing this error, either remove the file or use a different language.
  • When receiving exp from quests the exp orbs still visually float around you. Saving and quitting to the main menu and reloading clears it but it is still a bug.
  • When using the wand one can call up the menu 10 spaces outside what the village radius is suppose to be on one or two sides (making a selection though when in this overflow zone crashes MC immediately) and find it to be 5-15 blocks short of what it's suppose to be on the otherside. The exact side various it seems with the village/world. Experienced it with at least the North and West sides.
  • The harvest maize job gives tumeric instead of maize. In addition all planting jobs besides wheat generate infinite crops out of nowhere instead of using existing supply as seeds (this is easily exploitable for infinite food) I believe this is fixable by changing harvest jobs to give more than 1 crop, by changing planting jobs to use the crop as seeds, and by adding that crop as a requiredgood in the villager behaviour and also giving them a starting supply of it
  • When using the Soartex Fanver texturepack and with Dynamic Textures on, at least some of the millenaire textures are still low-res, including all path textures.
  • There's a .txt file which has some configs, including the block IDs, somewhere inside Millenaire's mod folder. Uploading Millenaire with changes in the config.txt (just numbers changed, nothing else) for some reason causes the launcher to show errors during pack installation, something like "Could not install the pack. Some files are corrupted"
    I can imagine that soon (or now) you will be reworking Millenaire for that annoying biome change. When you do so might you consider also changing the IDs and how they are hardcoded? A lot of people, myself included, find issue when adding Millenaire on games with other mods because the IDs appear to be hardcoded and there is no config that works for all Millenaire IDs?
    If you do consider updating the ID configs could you make a config which goes to /config folder of MC instance too btw? It would make it so people won't need to touch Millenaire's mod files at all and thus leave Millenaire clean and safe from possible mess ups.

I am quite sure this is what's happening in the first place since "IDs" for items won't technically exist anymore in a newer update for minecraft. A Millénare item would be something like this: "/give Teethdude millenaire:calva 1". or something similar.

  • Villages can't be spawned on tunneler's dream superflat :( . (tested with normans.

Bugs in 5.1.10[edit]

  • When receiving exp from quests the exp orbs still visually float around you. Saving and quitting to the main menu and reloading clears it but it is still a bug.
  • Norman village militaire doesnt work, this village from old version turn into eclastique
  • after using wand of negonation on a vilage, then saving and exiting minecraft and load the world again will make the destroyed village active

Bugs in 5.1.9[edit]

  • Norman Guards (and possibly others) don't wear armor properly, they'll take boots as a helmet, helmets are boots, and leggings are chestplates, and chesplates are normal.

The Helmet appears as boots on his feet, and the boots look like a helmet when he wears them.

  • Men that are raiding never raid and don't come back.
  • Weapons under the military signs still don't update, it claims all villagers are unarmed
  • In the creation quest it is possible that you will get stuck on a certain stage (Known to happen in the Mayan quest, The Fallen King, inbetween stages 5 to 6) where you can not proceed with the quest as no one will tell you the next one. (Pressing 'M' will come up with the screen saying "You have completed 5 mission(s) out of the 10..." but then says "No quests in progress" and the Shaman will not give you the next one.)
  • As reported in the previous version, in the 5.1.9 ANY Japanese culture, not just the controlled village, sells the Paper Wall for 20, but buys it for 48. So you can buy it and resell it right back to them at a mega profit. This is a bug, knowing this, I recommend not doing it to get the coin.
  • Game-breaking bug: Bad packet id 2

Appears at most fully or near fully upgraded cities (playercities, too) and disconnects you on multiplayer servers. You wont be able to get in, even after server restart. Does NOT occur in singleplayer. More info on this forum thread: http://millenaire.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=203

  • Using the summoning wand to create the village type Gaanv(Hindi) will generate three diffrent hindi villages of each type(Qila,Mahal and Gaanv)
  • Norman puit builds incorrectly (the ladder replaces a piece of wall).
  • When receiving exp from quests the exp orbs still visually float around you. Saving and quitting to the main menu and reloading clears it but it is still a bug.

Bugs in 5.1.8[edit]

"Weapons" under the military signs still don't update, it claims all villagers are unarmed.

My own made City Gunjitek Mura(Japanese) sells Paper Walls for 20 and Buys them for 48. => Cheating infinite money

When you place normal chest near a large locked chest, normal will go invisible.

After a couple minutes of playing, the villagers, chest, animals, water and the player will be turned upside down. The player can still control their character, but everything else will spin around as you move. The chests will also go invisible when you walk to them during the bug.

Bugs in 5.1.7[edit]

Villagers "Weapons" and "Military Strength" don't update when they receive new weapons, However they'll still use them in combat (Tested in a Controlled Hindi Village)

Lumberjacks stop cutting wood after player opens trade interface with wife or cuts wood from grove and only plants saplings and chats afterwards (Happens with all Cultures) -tried quiting and reloading -tried killing and waiting for a respawn

'Temporary fix: Push him towards the trees when he freezes at the grove.'

Bugs in 5.1.3[edit]

  • The Game-breaking bug explained in "Bugs in 5.1.1" unfortunately still exists. (It also exists in 5.0.0, even though this wiki doesn't state that).

Villages spawn devastated.

Bugs in 5.1.1[edit]

  • When receiveing exp from quests the exp orbs still visually float around you. Save and Quiting to main menu and reloading clears it but still a bug. This has been occuring for me for many versions.
  • Villagers sometimes sleep outside their houses.
  • Lumberman will still use grove when its removed at the player controlled village (Japanese one at least it seems, reloading sometimes helps).
  • Sometimes, villagers never finish raiding. When every male has been killed, they just sit there with "Raiding Village" over there heads. (Temporary fix: Kill a couple of innocent villagers like women or children, then it'll complete)
  • Mayan lumbermen don't seem to want to use Obsidian Axes
  • Mayan women and Male farmers won't use obsidian hoes
  • Mayans won't use any obsidian tools, other than the Mace
  • Some times the villagers dialogue only in the player's language, and it's shown in blue, like it was them real language, not the translation. (This only happens with the Mayans, since their dialogue is only in English and French at the moment)

(This also seems to happen with Normans for some reason)

  • Some times the villagers won't change the action "Going to sleep" to "Sleeping", even when they are already sleeping. (Although it doesn't seem to affect gameplay, or the ability to have children. It's just unpleasing to see.)
  • most (all?) gift houses/bonus has locked chests.
  • New villages still generated when the Generate_villages param set to "No"(GUI) /"false" (config file). Could be a ExtraBiomesXL thing?
  • Game-breaking bug: You can steal items from locked chests by first breaking the chest with an axe (takes a while, but it will break), then replacing the spot where the chest was with one of your own chests (single or double chest depending on what it was before). Open the chest and the NPC items will reappear inside, but the chest is now unlocked!

Bugs in 5.0.0[edit]

  • During the section of the Hindu Creation Quest "Marsh Experts", the Adivasi farmer may not speak to you and allow you to continue the quest, even with all of the prerequisites.
  • Using the number for a slot on the hotbar you are able to put in and take stuff from the locked chests.
  • I took a look at the Norman well building plan and it does indeed have a 1 block wide ring of air around it. The building plan will have to be fixed to instead preserve the block instead of turning it to air.
  • Wand of Negation/deletion of villages, broken(When you use the wand it works and apparently deletes the village, but when you leave and load the world again the villagers you killed respawn and start wandering around or planting trees/crops in midair. Even if editing the saves\SavedGame\millenaire\villages.txt and deleting the village manually from there, the villagers keep respawning.)
  • Sometimes villagers don't switch from "off to sleep" to "sleeping". (found in all cultures under unknown circumstances)
  • Sometimes villagers state is "chatting", but they say nothing. (found in any culture with dialogue)
  • Sometimes villagers state of chatting get stuck, they have same chat line over their head, even when they start new chat, next morning changes nothing still same chat line. Reloading world unstucks chat. (found in all cultures with dialogue)
  • Sometimes villagers seem to chat their lines bit too fast. (found in all cultures with dialogue)
  • Sometimes the villagers refuse to get out of bed in the morning, they are still "sleeping". Reload MC helps but sometimes it takes a few minutes before they start moving.
  • Sometimes the villagers refuse to leave their houses during the day, text over head indicate what they want/should be doing but they are not doing anything. Reload MC helps but sometimes it takes a few minutes before they start moving.
  • Sometimes villager building speed is slow. Example, "bourg autonome" center castle upgrade, especially when building the ditch (builder goes from castle side to the other and places block or two).
    • Suggested fix: make builders build with 8x8x1 or 10x10x1 segments (line by line), then move to next segment (in line). Idea is that builder builds that segment without moving, then moves to next segment. That still doesn't fix it when building would have poles at corners of building plot. To fix that make game count how many blocks are to be placed at segment, if under 8, add another layer to top of previous layer, if still under 8... ...another layer, so on. Also stop adding layers if 0 blocks get added.
  • Once they start upgrading the tree farm , or at least should start , nothing happens . The builder stops working and the tree farm appears purple on the village map . While another sign shows "lacking resources" even though they have enough of those . Appeared in Japanese Culture
  • Japanese player buildings that have locked chests: gifthouse, japanesehouselarge, japanesehousemedium
  • Hindu Peasant women texture is reversed on the bottom of their head dresses.
  • The Architekton (architect)from byzantine villages spawns with an full Iron Armor.
  • When a quest is being offered, right-clicking that villager does nothing if they are busy chatting.

Older Version Bugs[edit]


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