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Every Culture has a unique Architectural Style. In order to make the villages of each Culture seem more realistic, new blocks were created.


Blocks Value
Dirt Wall Dirt Wall 1 ML denier.png
Dirt wall is used by the Japanese, Norman, and Mayan cultures in lower tier buildings. This block cannot be crafted by the player and is only sold in villages.


Blocks Value
Cross Timber Frame Cross Timber Frame 32 ML denier.png
Plain Timber Frame Plain Timber Frame 48 ML denier.png
Timber Frames are used by both the Norman and Japanese cultures to recreate the Half-Timber houses of Medieval Europe and the paper walls of Oriental Japan. They cannot be crafted by the player but are able to be traded to and from the player.


Blocks Value
Wet Brick Wet Brick 1 Sand.png 1 Dirt.png
Mud Brick Mud Brick 3 ML denier.png
Cooked Brick Cooked Brick 5 ML denier.png
These special Bricks are used widely in the Hindi Culture. Using a Brick Mould and having sand and dirt in your inventory, you can right-click on the ground to place a Wet Brick. Over time, Wet Bricks will dry into Mud Bricks. Mud Bricks can then be smelted into Cooked Bricks. These items are traded between Hindi Villages and the Player.


Blocks Value
Mayan Gold Block Gold Ornament 1 ML denier argent.png
The Mayans use a unique decorative block for their most valued structures. The presence of the Gold Ornament block is a sign of wealth and prospertiy for the Maya


Blocks Value
Thatch Thatch 16 ML denier.png
Paper Wall Paper Wall 1 ML denier argent.png
The Japanese also use unique blocks alongside the Timber Frames of the Norman Culture. Paper Walls are thin blocks that behave just like iron bars and glass panes when placed. Thatch is used mainly for roofing of houses until stone roofing is placed. Neither Thatch nor Paper Wall are craftable but can be traded at any Japanese village.


Blocks Value
Byz Block Byzantine Tiles 16 ML denier.png
Byz Slab Byzantine Slab Craft Only
Byz Stone Byzantine Stone Slab Craft Only
Silk Worm Empty Silk Worm Block Not Traded
Byz Stone Full Silk Worm Block Not Traded
Byzantine Tiles are a sign of wealth and prosperity for the Byzantine Villagers. Buildings with roofs made out of these are of the highest quality. Byzantine Tiles cannot be crafted but can be traded for. Byzantine Slabs and Stone Slabs can be crafted from Tiles.

Silk Worm Blocks are found only in Silk Farms. They cannot be traded nor crafted.