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Amulets are items with special abilities. Two of them must be bought from a Viking Merchant. The others are earned as rewards from Creations Quests.

Amulette d'Yggdrasil - Amulet of the Yggdrasil
Amulette d'Yggdrasil This Amulet informs the player of their height or depth.
Amulette de Sköll et Rati - Amulet of Sköll and Rati
Amulette de Sköll et Rati Uniquely amongst amulets for having a finite use limit,
This Amulet changes the time from night to day and day to night.
Amulette des Nains - Amulet of the Dwarves
Amulette des Nains This Amulet will glow indicating ore deposits are nearby.
Amulet of Vishnu
Amulette du Corbeau This Amulet will glow warning the player that mobs are nearby.