Creation Quests For latest 1.8 and upcoming 1.9

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Creation Quests For latest 1.8 and upcoming 1.9

Post by Potatoes = Fries » Fri Jul 10, 2015 5:06 pm

My Idea Is For If They update this mod to 1.8 and soon to come 1.9 and it has to do with two new creation quests
The first one has to do with 1.8 and the new guardians It starts with how the Sahdu notices that the squids are getting fewer in numbers near open ocean and wants to find out why so he sends you to a culture who is already used to the sea and has knowledge of it (The Japanese) to find out whats going on I was thinking of it having the guardians in this quest you would have to do the sahdu first before he sends you to the japanese creation quest
which will create a new book of the sahdu with updates included with your adventures finding more about the world of minecraft including strange underground stone ruins (strongholds)

The Next Quest I have has to do with the end I think It would be good for 1.9 for the end is getting revamped
and would have the quest begin with the byzantines but soon you get all the others from the creation quests
(the Sahdu,The Alchemist,The Kings Shamen from the fallen king and the japanese creation quest charcter)
(That I will leave to the mod authors to make)
in this quest you will have found of a breakthrough discovered by a byzantine quest leader while studying the book of the sahdu and all the experinces you had in the past and wants to speak with you and all you had your adventures with about his discoverey which leads to the investigation of both other dimensions in minecraft to
find ansewers which leads to a revalation which leaves more questions than awnsers.
how does this sound I kind of like the idea of the greatest minds of each culture coming together to try and solve the greatest question and mystery of history (Rhyme Not Intented)The story of creation

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Re: Creation Quests For latest 1.8 and upcoming 1.9

Post by Pavel2000 » Sat Aug 08, 2015 9:21 am ... freload=10
Maybe add a quest about this skeleton from the Byzantines

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