list of bugs

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list of bugs

Post by EnderLegend_Spy » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:40 pm

Hello, good evening to you,

It is with pleasure that I announce you a list of bugs met this close to improve the mod which is openly a success from me:

- In the first place, when I leave a village for go to a nearby village I notice that in meon return when certain villagers who do not manage to move, I see them congealed in their houses.

- Secondly, I noticed that all the paints of the mod (for example that of the normans) disappear when that we put them on the wall.

- Thirdly, it seems to me that there was a problem with villages japonnais I do not know any more if it is at the level of villages generally or staff.

- Recently, when 2 villages are in confrontation in raid, we have the same problem as the first point (the villagers aggressors remain to congeal) which builds up to itself an endless raid thus for the development of villages that causes a problem.

In brief now ends for the moment the list that I noticed in a general way by hoping it will be settled and what the new version, that everybody waits since quite a lot of time, will be even better.

Well to you,


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Re: list of bugs

Post by Bosscrafter73 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:56 pm

Thanks for the list, but we are rewriting the mod completely for 1.8.9. Those bugs will not exist in the new version. We could use your help looking for bugs in 7.0.0-A1, the new Alpha version for 1.8.9.

The bugs we have found so far include:
-Crash when right clicking with a Parchment in hand (Fixed)
-Crash when going below y=0 with an amulet in hand (Fixed)
-Missing block/item names (Mostly Fixed/In Progress)
-Crash when placing two byzantine slabs (Fixed)
-Crash when placing/opening/using a MIllenaire Chest in a multiplayer setting (Fixed)
-Yumi Bow shoots at an angle (Fixed)
Head Millenaire Dev,
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